Matched Runs

The matched runs feature lets runners benchmark themselves against past performances on their most common, personalized running routes. 

How It Works

Matched runs use an algorithm to automatically identify when you have completed runs on a route that has been run before. Run the same route multiple times and Strava will group all the efforts together in a single chart to show you a performance trend over time. In order to match similar runs, the algorithm identifies the starting and ending point of the route, the direction in which the route was run, and the distance completed.

How do I view my Matched Runs?

After uploading a run that matches an existing route, you can tap the activity details page on the Strava mobile app or website to view graphs that show how many times you've completed each run on that route and how your average pace has changed over time.


IMG_89DC27EA3FB8-1.jpg Screenshot_20200302-163344_Strava.jpg

Historical Analysis

  • The list of matched runs will include all runs matched to this route, grouped by year. Tap a run to go to that match. Scroll (mobile) or hover (web) over the list vertically to highlight the entries on the graph above. The yellow dot represents the fastest effort on this route while the orange dot represents the run from which you arrived on the history page.
  • The graph plots individual data points for runs and a trend line showing how pace has changed over time. Circles will be filled in when the corresponding cells in the run list below are visible. Scroll (mobile) or hover (web) the graph horizontally to view all data. The yellow dot represents the fastest effort on this route while the orange dot represents the run from which you arrived on the history page.Banners_and_Alerts_and_Evening_Run___Run___Strava.jpg

IMG_70D9BDA55101-1.jpg Screenshot_20200302-164207_Strava.jpg


What if one of my runs is not matched?

We currently do not have a way to force a run to match other runs.

Why are my runs being matched to two different groups?

There is likely a run somewhere in your running history of this route that differed just enough to prevent it from matching to the original cluster of matched runs. This means that this run created a new cluster that is very similar to the original cluster. From this point forward, your runs will match to the cluster that they share the most similarities with.

What will I see if I do not have any other matched runs?

You will not see the matched run bar on an activity page if there aren't other matches. 

Where can I view all of my matched runs?

There isn't one place to view all of your matched runs at this time. To see matched runs, you'll need to navigate to a run activity page, click on the matched runs button(web) or the arrow next to 'this run' (mobile)

Can other people see my matched runs?

Matched runs are private—only the activity owner will see the matched runs. 

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