Adding Multiple Gear & Components to non-Cycling Activities

Yo ... Would love to get some internal (Strava) and community feed-back on this request. 

It's currently possible to define components on a bike so that you're able to track mileage on parts that may need to be tracked individually (tires, chain, etc.) - This is great BUT ...

a) I'd dig the ability to add arbitrary components to arbitrary gear (say batteries in headlamps and/or HRM straps, etc.), 

b) Specific multiple pieces of gear (shoes, bikes+components, arbitrary+components) to an activity, and

c) Specify the units for "usage" (distance and/or time) ... 

The use case being that, I'd like to know how much I'm running on a given set of shoes AND where the batteries on my headlamp are at. 

Thanks in advance ... 



  • Agree, cannot add my boat for my sailing events


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