To be able to remove/add Virtual Ride data from Power Curve via tick box

I've recently got a Smart Trainer. It's amazing and has made Zwift a whole new experience. However I find that I can put out higher power for longer periods on there due to the controlled nature of the activity and the ability to hold a steady power without worrying about traffic, junctions and the restrictions of real world riding. This means that my best power stats in my power curve are all becoming Zwift rides. I want to be able to see that data but it would be great if I could tick or untick a box to remove or add it to my stats. This would allow me to compare cadence, HR, etc on my PB Virtual Rides with those on the road and hopefully allow me to see what I can take ot onto the road to improve there too.

I think it would be a really useful (and hopefully simple) new feature. Hopefully others agree?



  • We all want this.  But for your specific use-case, which is to differentiate between Zwift rides and outdoor rides, you can achieve it using VeloViewer.  Check @VeloViewer on Twitter and follow the link.

    Basically Zwift will roll up your power stats for you and you can filter by Virtual vs. Real, so I expect it should do what you need.

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