Run/Ride Type from "My Activities" list doesn't save

In "My Activities" page, I cannot save an activity's Run Type as "Workout" when click the "Edit" link in the same row. After I click "Save" button, the Run Type value is reset to NULL.

In "Training Log" page, however, I can hover the colored cirlce for an activity and change the Run Type to be "Workout".

In activity detail page (, I can also correctly save Run Type by clicking pencil icon in left navigation, then selecting "Workout" for Run Type.

The bug is same for Sport Ride and Ride Type.

I uses latest Chrome browser running on Windows 7.



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    Thanks Henry - this is already a known issue and is on our list to fix. 

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  • This is still an issue for me. Do you know when this might get fixed?

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  • My times and achievements have all dissappeared after following the suggested actions. 


    1. My ride was originally private

    2. I changed it to public

    3. My achievements were not recognized on the leaderboards, only my old times

    4. Switched my ride to run, now it wont revert back to a ride

    5. All achievements are lost, and my weekly goal is not reflecting my Kms. 

    6. Annoying

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  • This issue is still happening.... any solution or workaround? Most challenge use this field. 

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  • I am also still having troubles with this. It is throwing off my PRs for each sport. When will this be fixed?

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  • Can you please fix this problem? I did a running race today and followed the gpx track but that was a ride activity type. Now my run is also a "ride" because of this. I would really like to see analysis for this run.


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  • So, this is a know issu since May 18 2017 but still not fixed! When I change a ride type to "virtual ride", after saving, the type changes back to "ride" only.

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