Edit fields on app recoding screen

It would be great if you could change and add what is shown on the recording screen. I would like to see current speed, average speed, current altitude, distance and time. This is the main reason I haven't used your app in the past. Also, to save battery, I would like to be able to have a black background with white letters.



  • This is my gripe as well. I would like to be able to move the data around so that, for example, my heart rate is shown in big bold tekst, my speed and distance travelled smaller. And I would like to see the current time (not my activity time).

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  • Agreed! I started out on MapMyRide and heard such great things about Strava (and obviously a bigger community of riders). I tried it once and was baffled by the lack of on-screen information so back to MmR I went. My brother, a much more serious rider, sold me on Strava but I still can't believe you have no control over the live screen display. When I had the free version, I wanted to see my current speed from time-to-time. Now I'm a paid member and I've lost the ability to see average speed unless I pause the app. Are you kidding??? When my free month is up, I'm going back to the free version. I guess they want you to purchase a Garmin device to do the heavy lifting of tracking and displaying. Come to think of it, I think I'm just going to go back to MmR and export my activities to Strava via the laptop. Clearly, we're not alone in this and it should be a simple thing to give you a preference (or show both avg and current speeds).

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  • The only thing I can figure is that the good folks at Strava have some kind of deal with hardware makers like Garmin to get us to ditch our phones and buy/use their head units. Phone users like us have been crying for these features for a LONG time and there's been no activity or recognition from the Strava end. 

     Note: the free version gives you average speed; I've basically told them I'd go Premium if they gave those users avg speed. I tried Premium but nothing there was worth the money for me, especially since I gave up avg speed for current speed. The social features on Strava are great but, for tracking and analyzing your workout live, MapMyRide is far superior. 

    Also note that you can get some audio cues on segments if you star them. Not sure if that's helpful for you but even free users get these announcements when you're in a starred segment. 

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  • MapMyRide (and, presumably, MapMyRun) has "courses," which are basically the same as segments. If you're just using your phone, MapMy___ is definitely a superior app for tracking your workout while you're in motion--you have more fields available, you can customize them and the screen is super bold. I also like the lock screen display better. Strava seems mostly for the racing folks and has a much bigger community.

    I use Strava because I like being able to see what other riders are in my area so I can find potential partners (there's a "FlyBy" feature on the browser version of Strava and you can see who else did your course today, this year, etc.). My brother is a bike racer, too, so it's a fun way to stay in touch with him. 

    Good luck and keep running!!

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