Inceased Data visualization possibilites

I think it should be possibly to view more user defined visaualzations of your training data.


I would for instance like to view:

1. Pie chart over my training distribution between different activity types.

2. bar chart over traning days each week, traning time each week, time in HR zones each week/month.


Tha graphs should of course be adjustable to a user selected time range. 



  • I would also really like HR zone, power zone time per week.

  • I would like to see some data...

  • I would like a chart which shows a customizable period (week, month, 30 day, 6 month, year, 2 year etc) so that I can see if I am putting in more time/distance/elevation etc

  • I highly recommend Veloviewer which plugs into your Strava. Veloviewer has all sorts of interesting ways of showing or analysing your data as well as providing lots of interesting challenges. World Tour Teams are now using VV to parse their information
    The chap who is behind Veloviewer is also very hands on at giving his customers what they ask for too. So if it doesn't already do what you want, he may just add it.

  • Stravistix( is worth checking out, too.

  • VeloViewer a have looked into but im really not looking for yet another servic to view my traning data. Already use 3 different accounts. Garmin, Strava and a swedish site called funbeat. Since we pay rather much for strava i think It could be expected to have a bit more functionallity. 

    I will try this stravistix to see what it can do. I also think the insane focus on only run, ride or swim in strava is boring.  In the winter when i train, skiing, weight traning, running, etc My summary is bassically useless since it only ever shows time of 1 specifik sport at a time. This should ofcourse include ALL TRANING.

  • Hi all of a sudden on segments my heart rate is not showing it always did before it also shows everywhere else just not 

    on my segments in stravistix 

    Please Help

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