Mountain Bike as separate activity type or tag

Please add mountain biking to the list of activities in the app because the cals vs speed are very different from road riding. Also a count down to workout start would be a good feature.



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    like on Runkeeper

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    come on Strava, many people in various threads have been asking for this a long time now.. why the delay?

  • I'd like it too

  • Would be an awesome feature.........

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    Yes, please add a mountain biking distinction for segments and as a different mileage class.

  • Many thanks to take into account our requests. MTB is not road. These activities, even they are both  realized with a "bike"  are not comparable.

  • I like the OP agree Mt. Biking should be a separate activity. With Segments simply labelled as 'Road Segment' or 'Off road Segement' as we do use both after all!
  • I agree that Mt. Biking should be a separate activity. Additionally, it would be great to have a choice under mountain biking to indicate that it was bike park/shuttle. Then, for bike park/shuttle, I would like it if Strava would automatically NOT count the elevation of my ride, as the elevation was all gained on a chairlift, for example.

  • Road and mountain biking are as different as hiking and running.  Comparing the two side-by-side is just ridiculous--40 miles is probably average for a mountain biker's week, but it might be one ride for a road bike. I suggest you work on splitting the two in the near future. We're different folks altogether and so are the rides.

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  • Its been over a year and still no update.  Looks like Strava team doesn't care for MTB'rs

  • Add, please!

  • Agree!
  • Why doesn't every one just use the "Submit A Request" button at the top of the page and flood them with the same request.
    Maybe then someone from Strava will actually listen?

    I'm pretty sure the develops/app designers don't read this page.


  • Agree!!

  • Is  this a technological problem or the people making the decisions don't think this is needed? Why should I have to go to google to see if a segment is a paved road or gravel? 

  • @Bram - are you referring to this feature suggestion more specifically?

    We're in discussion around this topic currently, and thanks for adding your feedback! 

  • I recently posted a comment on a related forum, copied below:

    What do you guys think about creating "Ride Type Tags" like Road, Mountain, Cyclocross, Commute, Time Trail, Track, Tandem, Recumbent, Hand Cycle, Unicycle, Velomobile... you see my point. (These could look and function exactly like the current Run type tags you see for Race, Long Run, Workout). Then, if you select a tag Strava will automatically prompt to you select a bike from your "My Gear" page to fit that tag, or to create a new bike. If you select a bike first, Strava will automatically select the correct ride type tag (which would also happen by default for whatever bike type you have set as the default). 

    (Do you think this would create problems if someone takes their mountain bike on pavement only? Would they want to classify a ride as a "Road ride" even if you're on you MTB? What about a Tandem Mountain Bike?)

    The Ride Type tag that is selected would determine language on the Activity Feed, social media, Training Logs, etc.  to help visually identify the type of ride. This could also allow for Segment Leaderboard filtering by Ride Type. So an activity would then display as a "mountain bike ride" if that was the ride type tag selected, or bike type selected. 

    Just a few of my own ideas to throw out there! 

  • Less about bike types, more about ride types. When I post a ride there's an easy drop down to say whether I've done a ride or run. If I can pick MTB and anyone doing road can pick Road, then we can filter the leaderboards and challenges based on that. It doesn't matter whether the segment is trail or road, so long as if I filter by MTB I'm only seeing MTB rides on the leaderboard. Same goes for challenges. I like joining them, but the top thousands are all roadies who've done tonnes more mileage than I could ever hope on an MTB, and yet I've probably burnt as many calories in the process.

  • I would also like to have a Single Speed "filter," just like there are gender, age and weight filters, so I can see how well I stack up to those who are riding the same segments on a Single Speed.  Elle, similar to what you are suggesting, someone could classify his / her bike as a Single Speed so whenever it has been chosen for a ride, that will trigger the filter so it knows what bike I'm on.  Then I can use the filter to check how I stack up against fellow Single Speeders.  Make sense?  I suggested doing this a couple of years ago and hopefully now you're able to finally implement it.  

  • I'm not sure it's helpful to just separate activities by type as it's the type of road or trail that a bikes on that'll have the biggest impact on calories consumed. e.g. a 10% muddy trail will be significantly harder than a 10% road. The percentage difference in efficiency between a road bike or mountain bike comparing in each of those situations, whilst relevant, is not the primary multiplayer on energy use.

    So i propose that two factors are used:

    Bike resistance, already implemented, changing type changes the calories consumed.

    Road resistance, based on if it's a paved road, or a trail of some kind. Luckily for Strava this information is already available on OpenStreetMap. Each road is tagged with information about whether it's paved or a trail or a footpath, Strava just need to implement a multiplier based on the distance a cyclist was on that type of path, taking into account all of the other variables it already does such as grade etc. 

  • @Elle - yes, having the ability to mark one's ride as mountain or road and to search for mountain bike or road segments specifically would be a great help. Some segments are impossible to tell if they are road, gravel, or trail without other means. Also, as mentioned by Lance, the ability to mark one's bike as single speed would be great. This would apply to road and mountain.

  • Agree... Please differentiate between road and mtb, give us an option to select the type of bicycle and to make mountain or road segments...
  • I saw the most recent comment by Strava Support.  Just start with the basics, be able to say you're Mountain Biking.  That would also allow logging on of Mountain Bike segments that users can then search for and/or filter.  The alternative is that you end up with dedicated apps like MTB Project that are creating user generated libraries of MTB trails/tracks.  When you looking at the MTB community vs. the unicycle community in terms of Strava use I'm pretty sure it's easy to prioritized where the engineering/development hours should go into the product roadmap.  You can worry about the nuances of calorie burn down the road.  My two cents. 

  • The post is nearly 2 years old and this request and many others are still not what do we expect, that the Strava Team now wakes up? We should dream on...they don´t care.

  • Cross posting this into the 3 main feature request threads 1) filter segments by bike type 2) differentiate between bike type 3) add bike type

    All these could be well served by full support of SUB-ACTIVITY TYPE - e.g. Ride->Road Bike, or Ride->MTB or Ride->Elliptical

    The main thing I want is to be able to compare my rides on my ElliptiGO (Elliptical Cycle) with riders on normal bikes AS WELL AS only have ElliptiGO rides in our club. This would be really useful and I don't see why it is so hard - clubs and challenges can be set up with top level Ride or Run or Ski or whatever - and ALSO with sub-type if wanted. That way - normal 'how many miles ridden this month' challenges still show ALL sub ride types - but you could do a 'unicycle miles' challenge on a month - or elevation gain or whatever. When you set up clubs - you should also be able to specify major activity type - run/ride etc - AND subtype - that way a person can ride normal bike and elliptical or recumbent or whatever and have no pollution onto club boards. Clubs that don't care don't set the sub-type.

    I think e-bikes should be a different activity and NOT a sub-type as assisted cycling (faster than fastest road bike) pollutes normal rides.


    Finally - you should be able to filter any leaderboard by sub-type. BUT I don't believe in designating segments as road vs mtb vs whatever - the segment is the segment - its a route from A to B - its up to you how ride or run it - BUT the filtering by sub-type will get people the results they want.

  • Come ln Strava, it would be so easy to add as a feature!

    How can I be compete with road statistics when I go MTB!

    You should absolutely add this ASAP. 

    And also, add support for swim please,  there's a lot triathlets out here, and also recent integration with Suunto Ambit3 sport watch really needs it!

  • Come ln Strava, it would be so easy to add as a feature!

    How can I be compete with road statistics when I go MTB!

    You should absolutely add this ASAP. 

    And also, add support for swim please,  there's a lot triathlets out here, and also recent integration with Suunto Ambit3 sport watch really needs it!

  • Agree
  • Yes please do this. The ability to select from many different activity types is the one feature I miss so far in my transition from sports tracker to strava. In addition to road cycling and running I also cross country ski, mountain bike, hike, and snowshoe, depending on the time of year.

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