Mountain Bike as separate activity type or tag

Please add mountain biking to the list of activities in the app because the cals vs speed are very different from road riding. Also a count down to workout start would be a good feature.



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  • Still want to clarify that we should be asking for 'Sub-Type' of Activities - in this case MTB as a Sub-Type of 'Ride' (cycling) - this would be great for distinguishing rides on your MTB vs Road bike vs Tandem or Ellipticak [my 'bike'].

    You should be able to filter on Sub-Type in leaderboards. And also use Sub-type when setting up clubs - so you can have your MTB club - but not have your MTB leaderboard effected by using your road bike during the week.

    Also -  Challenges would work really well - if your Challenge is a 'Ride' - subtypes under that still count against it - or you could specify Challenge Sub-Type - so you have specific challenge to MTB for instance.

    I know this has knock-on effects across the data set, the database management and the UI - but it would answer all these feature requests. 

  • Add me to this list but it is not for calories, we really want to have our club  leader board represent mountain biking only  vs the guys who rides mountain bikes and road riding  during the week. This would be a real fair and accurate feature for the guys who only mountain bike when they review the leader board. 

  • I agree....Very important!
  • Yes, it's important, that is totally different from a road bike activity

  • +1 For this feature. Not renewing premium membership until it is. :)

  • Can't believe being able to vote for features isn't advertised more on the site!

  • Having the ability to mark one's ride as mountain or road and to search for mountain bike or road segments specifically would be a great help.

  • I agree, please add this feature as soon as possible. Thanks!

  • Please, Please, Please  introduce a mtb leaderboard.

    The curent system is like formula 1 and the world rally championship on the same leaderboard it's ridiculous

  • Me to!!!
  • I don't wont to compare my mtb segments with road bike segments (obviously on road), so two different categories are absolutely necessary!!!

  • I will appreciate !
  • I always thought that MTB-ing and road riding were differentiated by selecting an appropriate bike. That is, if you select mountain bike then the assumption is that you are off road and calories are adjusted accordingly. When I do a road ride and my MTB is the default choice for the ride then changing it to my road bike reduces the calories figure because Strava now assumes I am on the road where average speeds are higher.
  • Hi all, new to Strava (ish). Apologies if in wrong thread. I can plan routes on the road and download them but when it comes to planning a route across bridleways and footpaths there is not enough detail so they are not shown.  I've tried to plan a cross country route for my MTB using the Heatmap feature but it still doesn't connect the route properly and keeps diverting to the nearest road because it doesn't see the bridleways. I like the idea of sub categories as this would let me try routes across country (and share) but I can't work it out.  Any suggestions would be great, thanks..

  • I really don't get how it's possible that there are more then 4 different type of Skiing (Alpine ski, Backcountry ski, Crosscountry skiing, Nordic ski, ...), but Strava can't implement 2 different type of Cycling like road and MTB....

    These are totally different sports and it's really a nonsense that when I look my Training Log, or Segments or other Strava's features, I can't differentiate the two sports and I have to look global cycling.

    It's really not enough differentiate the sports in the Gear section...

    Please, after 2 years of requests, do something... :(

  • This could easily be solved with Tags, which is already implemented.

    The current tags for "Ride" activity type (sometime I see "Cycling"!) are "Commute" and "Stationary Trainer" - Why not add tags for "Road", "Mountain Bike", etc? Sounds like an easy fix. For Running it works pretty good IMO  - color coded in the Training Log (Run, Long Run, Workout, Race)



  • I've just joined strava and I agree with this. I even wrote to Strava asking where I found the mountain biking option to filter league tables.....its doesn't exist and they said to post on the forum which they monitor for feedback. Well over 2 years and 219 comments have passed and still they haven't acted....

  • Maybe he must write in french for Strava understand our requests?

    Pouvez vous ajouter une activité Montain bike? Nous n'avons n'y les vélo n'y la vitesse des velo de route.

  • I paid for Strava premium for a couple months. I realized that strava is intended for roadies and mtb user experience has never really been given much thought or attention by itself. The "road" and "MTB" should be completely different dropdown just like they seperate "run" and "hike" I would be happy to start paying for strava again if they would get off their ass and develop some of these long overdue features.

    Feature list:

    1. The ability to filter road and off road segments in segment explorer. It becomes too cluttered when trying to find a MTB trail.

    2. separate road and mtb challenges. (I really don't care about the road challenges but maybe I would if they related to MTB)


  • I almost forgot to mention that riding done on a chairlift and illegal trails should be filtered out. 


  • I couldnt agree more, some mtb trails here in Holland get very close to some cyclepaths and so we get a KOM doing 40kmh where even the MTB pro's have a hard time reaching over 25kmh.

    Also mentioned before, it ist ridicilous to have 4 types of skiing/snowboarding and no difference between road and MTB riding.

    Please add this!!

  • Lost faith in Strava... It seems like they dont give a toss about mountain biking....

    Any recommendations for alternative software? I am using Garmin Connect at the moment and it seems pretty decent. any others that are worth looking at?


  • We have a lot of alternatives and cheaper premium. Endomondo, Runtastic, SportsTracker, RideMyMap, Runkeeper...

  • I'm still badgering them about it and they said they are looking into it. fingers crossed. i cannot get my head around why mountain biking isn't an option. its got to be a simple coding fix too.

  • I have also written to Support about this.  It is, however, a double-edged sword: do you filter on bike type or on the ride?  To me, I do a bit of riding on easy off-road tracks on Saturdays, as well as on city streets early in the morning on Weekdays.  Obviously, riders will use MTBs on off-road tracks, so it is easy to compare yourself with others in your age group on such tracks.  My need is to compare myself, using an MTB on-road with other MTBs on-road, as there is no way that I can do the speeds of road bikes while riding a mountain Bike. 

    So I vote for Bike Type as the filter, not Road Type.

  • @Chris You can already add bikes to your gear and select what bike you are using.

    Mountainbike however is more then riding a mountainbike, the trails that are specificly for MTB are for 95% not even rideable with a roadbike. 

    Also it would be easier to find other mountainbikers if you could use MTB as a filter, now I can only filter on cycling and although I have nothing against roadies it would be (for me) more interesting to select fellow mountainbikers. Same way as why skiing and snowboarding is different. (and in Strava's case, Cross country skiing, backcountry skiing etc etc)

  • Hey Strava, I just want to see which trails are dirt and which are road. Please create filter. its worth tracking miles on dirt vs miles on concrete. The two are completely different.

  • Seems like this should just be a "thing." I cannot imagine there being a major technical issue preventing this from happening. This is the sole reason why I have yet to migrate from another GPS application on my phone. The other application that I use separates Road, Mountain, and even cyclo-cross miles. Without this feature, I simply cannot justify using Strava at all.

  • @ Justin Surtees,

    I fully realise that road bikes cannot traverse MTB trails, however, MTBs can traverse normal roads.  Some members also have both a mountain bike and a road bike.  So when I compare my time on an on-road route, it is meaningless comparing it with road bikes. That is my motivation asking for this feature.  During the week, I exercise on-road from my home, while on weekends, I cover some of the wonderful farm-tracks in the vinyards and mountains of the Western Cape, South Africa.  I am still a beginner, but seems to do fairly well in my age group (55-64) and will be moving up to the 65+ group by July this year.

  • Hey Strava,

    Greetings from Ottawa, Canada


    Love the product but don't understand why we can't have a mountain bike tag.  We have all kinds of skiing, water sports etc but no mountain bike?  Please add one ASAP.. Thanks and just adding support to all those who said the same thing and waiting for the change to happen. Keep up the great work

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