Mountain Bike as separate activity type or tag

Please add mountain biking to the list of activities in the app because the cals vs speed are very different from road riding. Also a count down to workout start would be a good feature.



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  • Yes - and Fat Biking too.  Fat Biking has basically destroyed all of the summer KOMs due to the winter trails being so smooth and fast...

  • C'mon guys. I truly can't believe that you can't see that this is a nonsense. Please, differentiate the thing already or give us a plausible reason for not doing it.

  • Why the f**k strava not do this??
    MTbikers are asking for this since strava started.

    I looks like they dont want to do it for some wired reason ...

  • I agree it should be added. It is a different activity from road biking
  • Agree with everything, pull your finger out strava, include MTB stuff
  • Does any one else find it strange that Strava has not commented at all on this? If they are not listening at all then what good is this area of the site.


    This lack of interest in their customers makes me feel bad about paying for their premium. They are taking my money and spending it on developing some stupid apple watch integration or other unecessary bells and whistles rather than core features. 

  • New to Strava...really like the detail of trails and hills...ride both road and mtb... The mtb calorie thing is just dumb... Fix it please. Also, why no announcements for cycle but only for runners...again..dumb. these are easy fixes that every other fitness app have.
  • Having done some mixed surface rides and watching road bikes on wide tires doing trails that some might consider ridable only on a MTB and having managed to get into the top ten for a few road segment while on my MTB, I've somewhat altered my opinion on what I'm looking to get from Strava. I wouldn't mind if mountain biking were a separate category but I'd still like to see an overall, all road/CX/MTB leaderboard. It's still the best tool for the job but sometimes with enough effort you can use a subpar tool and a bunch of extra effort to do well and that shouldn't be ignored. For tandems, e-assist, velomobile, and elliptical bikes go ahead and create completely different leaderboards.

    That said, I'd still like to have the ability to filter leaderboards by different bike types so I can compare myself to others on a same or different bike type (i.e. my MTB to only other MTB times as well as being able to look at my MTB times compared to CX or road bike times). If I want to really get into the weeds I can always open up other rides from the leaderboard and get a better understanding of the bike they used from the description (assuming the other user entered that info) and from taking a look at how strong they are from their other rides.

    If Strava is internally tracking different leaderboards for different bike types to display when a filter is used, they could also award bike-specific achievements to show up on activity feeds/dashboards. I'd much rather see these instead of the "2015" or whatever year, achievement of the year awards. Strava could implement something similar though with a small, different symbol/icon for road, MTB, and CX bikes on the overall cycling leaderboard along with "MTB - segmentname - xx overall (time)", "ROAD - segmentname - QOM (time)", etc. awards shown in the activity feed.

    Even if this were implemented it would still be nice to be able to define the overall ride by type which I believe is already the case. If you use Strava's "Activity Seach" feature and select "Ride" for the activity type you can then select a ride type of road, cross, mountain, TT or commute. Since a mountain bike ride might involve pavement to get to the trail, it would make sense to also have the ability to apply a ride type when creating a segment. Right now with the "Segment Search" and "Segment Explore" feature you can only toggle between cycling or riding. It would nice be able to find and browse segments by type (e.g. MTB/CX/dirt, road, paved bike trail, mixed use trail, etc.)

  • I'd like to see Road broken down further to Fixed Gear / Road / TT / Tandem.  You could also break MTB down further to Single Speed / MTB. Does anyone out there strava on a unicycle?

  • +1 to this suggestion. It really is poor that this hasn't happened yet, surely can't be complicated.

  • We live in Fuerteventura (small island in the Canaries) and many road bikers come here to train because of our all-year-round good climate and bike-friendly roads.... some of our off-road tracks run alongside the roads for segments and there's nothing like the feeling when you see you are about number 300 in terms of speed!!! It would be sooooooooo good to be able to differentiate between road and off-road - thank you!

  • Strava you need to separate mountain bike and road riders for the simple reason the your app is the BEST way to find trail. Without strava i would still be riding the same routes over and over, and when i travel to a new area strava us how i find local trails.
    Trouble is i have to zoom in and out to decide whether its road or mtb, and even then it can be hard to tell.
  • +1  

  • Anch'io credo che bisogna differenziare le attività tra MTB, bici da corsa e anche e-bike.
  • Mountain Bike should have a tag like "commute" and "stationary training" have

  • Also different types of bikes on different terrain have different rolling road resistance. They shouldn't be competing together. Mostly it's the track versus road route maps that are the killer.
  • Dave, stop using science! :)

    That is an excellent point. +3 for that one.

  • We need a way to differentiate between road and mountain bike. All the segments functionality is useless if we are mixing both kind of bikes in the comparaison.

    I support this new feature request.

  • why isn't this a thing? i just beat my mtb time by going on the road next to the trails, it really bums me out because i worked hard to get the time i did on the trails.

    i guess i have to put out a support ticket to remove that segment from my activity?

  • Agreed this should definitely be added. As a coder i know that adding an activity type really shouldn't be that hard. Com-on Strava show all the MTBers some love. Your too roadie focused.

  • Hi - We can already tags "routes" with different "ride types" (e.g. road, mtb, cyclocross), so we should be able to do the same here.   Please consider adding this feature!  :)

  • After doing extensive "segment explore" research in a new area I showed up at a single-track trailhead with my roadie.

    There are now multiple threads angling for essentially the same things -- whether it be designated by segment surface type, leaderboard bike type, or activity ride type (or all 3) we NEED a way to distinguish between Road and Mountain biking. Hell, we can choose between 4 types of skiing and 2 types of skating... why is "cycling"  still our only option on a site built around bicycling!?!

  • Oh... looks like I already "suggested" the surface type distinction:

    How did I forget? Oh, right. That was 2 years ago...

  • We are all requesting it.  We need a separate Mountain Bike category (Select a Sport: Road, Mountain, Run) with different calorie calculations (riding down a mountain single track is not the same as coasting down a hill), separate segment speed rankings, KOMs, lift and shuttle removal/editing (I do not want to be including that chair lift ride up the mountain in my MTB ride stats).  I first requested this a couple of years ago.  Looks like many others want the same.  I love Strava and use it all the time!  Make it that much better with a separate MTB category.  john

  • Show some respect to mtb riders and add an activity just for mtb riding. Leader boards at clubs dont show the true efforts of the mtb rider. Add challenges to suit mtb riding also.
  • Is this ever going to happen, or just get ignored? The fact there are no MTB challenges (just roadie challenges) suggests nobody at Strava really cares... Time to find another app I reckon, and cancel my subscription... :-/
  • Lots of people are requesting it but not enough to push it up to the top of the priority list.  The fact is that the people most likely to want to record their rides are road bikers,  Their sport is all about speed and distance monitoring on the flat.  I am sure that there are actually more cyclists out there on MTB and various hybrids but they are more concerned with the next rock, ditch, kerb or puddle than percentage performance increase.  I certainly wouldn't switch to premium while I'm treated as second class.

    I think what we need is to convince road cyclists to support the idea on the grounds that it helps them.  Currently all they see is the occasional confused segment.  Also get hybrid riders to sign up and add their voice to this thread.  A facebook campaign?

  • I will uninstall Strava, do not listen.  Is useless.

  • Hi guys..please support our efforts get satellite map for iphone. Thanks !!

  • New to Mountain Bike, I would also appreciate a specific activity.

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