Mountain Bike as separate activity type or tag

Please add mountain biking to the list of activities in the app because the cals vs speed are very different from road riding. Also a count down to workout start would be a good feature.



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  • Additionally, it would be good to classify segments as "road", "mountain bike" etc. It would make the segment explorer much more useful (e.g when I was in Scotland, it was hard to find categorised climb segments for a road bike, because so many were offroad)

    Users could use a "most suitable for [road bike, MTB]" dropdown for new segments, and existing segments could be automatically categorised based on the most-used bike for a segment (loop over matching activities, get the bike-type used)

  • This may be but when you do a mileage competition for January (for example) Mountain Bike miles are compared with Road Bike miles and there is just no comparison.  If I do a two hour ride on the road I could easily do twice the miles as I would do in the same time on singletrack.

  • Agree with Ben D, it would be great to have segments classified as road or mountain bike.

  • I agree, I'd like to see this added as well.

  • Elle, I really appreciate STRAVA's continued efforts to refine services for subscribers and end-users.  It is terrific that you folks have this type of give and take with your customers. 

    With respect to this particular issue and notwithstanding the "gear" selection option, it would still be nice to have a clear choice in the "Activity" selection for both "Road" and "MTB" for a variety of reasons.  Not to mention the ability to sort the rides of both ourselves and others we're following. 

    It also helps in finding new "Road" rides and new "MTB" trails that we can acquaint ourselves with and get .GPX files for to download into our Garmins. 

    Thx for your attention and consideration!!


  • Excellent news Elle!

    Ultimately, I think the "how" is less important than the "what" -- a separate activity, or a sub-activity is for the ace Stravaneers to figure out behind the scenes.

    What consensus seems to agree is necessary:

    • Segment discovery / trail-network map for MTB rides. Use case: I'm visiting a town, and want to be able to see the dirt highlights. (Right now it's useless trying to tease out MTB segments from Road segments based on "squiggliness" of the segment.)
    • Separate Trail / Road / Trainer stats. Seeing my buddy has crushed 3,000 miles this year becomes much more impressive when that's been done solely on single-track. (And I'm much more empathetic when she's done it solely on a trainer.) What type of bike they have done it on is less interesting (Though if those 3000 road miles were on a knobby that would be impressive...)
    • Designate a club as MTB or Road (or both) and only log the miles a member has done in the specified arena.

    Things that are hot debates:

    • Segment filters: The only times I really cared where my fat-tire antics stand in the leaderboard against slickies is when I accidentally de-throne a buddy on some little-known segment. Keeping them entirely separate seems reasonable. But that's just me.
    • Segment filters 2: Cross bikes on trails is a grey area. That's one reason I advocate for the "by ride" distinction, rather than "by bike." Let me choose if it was a road-ride or a Off-road ride, and I'll appear on whatever leader-boards are there.

    Note: neither of the above suggest that filtering leaderboards by bike type is a bad idea, that shouldn't compliment any changes.

    As for breaking things apart:

    You said: "there is no practical way we can divide the current "Ride" segment database in two parts, one for Mountain and one for Road."

    Why not? Yes, you would lose a lot of users if we suddenly had to re-create all of our segments in the MTB ecosystem, but it seems they could be separated by any number of strategies:

    • Programatically: For every segment in the database, count the number of attempts on a given bike-type. Those with > 50% MTB, are probably trails, switch them to the "MTB" ecosystem.
    • Geographically: For every segment, compare to Google Maps data. If they are on a road, keep them in the road ecosystem.
    • Democratically: For a period of a month, have users check a box on a segment that says: XX% think this is a MTB segment, do you agree? or some such. Divide based on votes.
    • Personally: Send a one-time email to the segment creator that says: "We're changing how we handle things -- please review your segments and indicate what type they are!" I made it, I should be able to change it.
    • Communally: I would happily join as a "segment curator" in a heartbeat and work through a few hundred segments in an afternoon to indicate what camp they belong in.

    Sure, some might get lost in the transition, but it's not an impossible task.

    As for past rides, it seems a similar method should work: Sort based on bike-type. Later users can curate as they see fit. If they don't have a bike type, leave it in the road world. A well-advertised, planned roll-out with a "find what's missing" tool to help users see what rides don't have a distinction could help.

    Again, thanks to STRAVA for taking this on -- this will truly be a game-changer.

  • Agree....... Identify road segments from MTB segments on the explore facility.

  • There definitely needs to be a distinction between road and trail segments.

    It would also be good to be able to choose not to register on road segments if you are just riding road to link MTB trails. On the way to the final descent of my local MTB loop you climb up a very popular road segment and achieve a very low ranking on the segment while you doing it. I would prefer not to know that I am ranked 1359 out of 1487 on that segment thanks very much.

  • There is no doubt that MTB'ers are an after thought on Strava. Please resolve this.

  • Agree with everything above! Please add this differentiation.
  • I Agree, I Agree, I Agree with all of the above!!! Come on Strava sort it out :(

  • Agree

  • agree

  • Agreed. This feature is long overdue. Us mountain bikers have been treated like the forgotten ones here on Strava. You finally have a "Dirt" challenge going on but it's pointless and laughable since any roadie can enter and easily meet the requirements. Time to finally get it right Strava and fix this. Until you do I won't be paying for your service.
  • Come on Strava, get it sorted!!

  • Hey folks - there is a project manager assigned to this topic and we're working to spec out the potential project. 

    There are a few different trends in the feedback regarding mountain bike activities on Strava - what would you most like to see us implement? What's most important to you? 

    A few of the trends I've noticed:

    • Mountain bikers would like to filter a segment leaderboard based on GEAR type (bike type) OR based on sub-activity type = mountain bike
    • Designate a separate activity type for Mountain Biking, but share the same segments as other cycling activities (sub-activity type) 
    • Separate out profile stats into sub-activity type (Mountain biking vs Road biking stats) 
    • Restrict a Strava club to only show mountain bike activities (sub-activity type)
    • Separate Trail segments from Road segments to better visualize in the Segment Visualizer, on a Segment page, in Strava Routes, etc.
    • Ability to visualize a trail network

    What did I miss? 

  • Well clearly Strava cares about MTBikers. They did a survey. 8 months ago. Maybe in another 4 years Strava will have a MTB only challenge and badge. You know, to show they care. 

  • While I understand that we're able to designate between road/MTB when selecting "gear", that doesn't help when trying to filter our activities on the My Activities screen.   The only picklist option applicable to me is "Ride"   At the very least, can we have the ability to sort by or search within the Type column?  A Keyword search apparently only searches the Title column.  So, as far as I can tell, I have no way to show only Road or only MTB on the My Activities screen.  For someone like me who does a lot of both, this is a pain.  The only workaround I can see is to include the text "MTB" within my activity title, and then use it as a keyword search later.


  • Dusting off my MTB and starting to get in a ride a week (I am a roadie) I agree with the theme being discussed here. I would imagine there is enough critical mass for specific and deeper MTB support to be warranted. Thanks Strava!

  • Agree, I'd love to see this.
  • why wont strava do this ?

  • How about this:

    For Stats:

    • Biking Total 2016: 1,000 miles
    • Road Total 2016: 500 miles
    • MTB Total 2016: 300 miles
    • Trainer Total 2016: 200 miles

    These should based on what you designate your activity TYPE as, and allows you to quickly see what you've been up to and compare to others. (Joe's 3,000 trainer miles are very different from Bob's 3,000 MTB miles)

    Could even be just a pop-up bubble when you hover over "Total 2016"

    For Segments -- if you designate as a Road activity, you get Road segments. If you designate as a MTB activity, you get MTB segments.

    What if I ride my MTB on the road? What if I ride my roady on single-track?

    Well, choose what you want to designate the ride as. Or break it into two rides and put one section in each (if you really want to crush the roadies on your MTB on the way to the trail, but don't want to call it a road ride.)

    For Bonus points, based on your self-designate Bike Type in the "Gear" section, Strava would put a slick-tire icon or a knobby-tire icon beside your leader-board standing. This is independent of Activity Type, only based on Gear type. 

  • 200,000 subscribers yet this post being 3.5 years old now and Strava has still yet to do something. Whereas the guy who makes Ghostracer on his own is constantly updating and refining his app. Pull your fingers out of your ...

  • Strava, you have made an incredible difference in my life since I began using this app over one year ago.  As a middle aged road cyclist turn mountain biker, this app has allowed me to track my mountain biking progress, and receive encouragement from fellow mountain bikers, which only motivated me to challenge myself more.  I will admit it lit a competitive side in me to look at the younger athletes progress and made me more psyched when I received multiple QOM's at an age much older than my fellow mountain bikers. I thank you for my increased healthy lifestyle and fitness!  I can't tell you the # of people who I have encouraged to get on Strava and have found a similar experience. 

    Now for the real issue - you have received multiple requests to create a separate category for mountain biking for over 3 years and your most recent post on this issue is August 2016???  I am baffled that you have not made this a priority given the # of mountain bikers tracking their miles.  I live in Phoenix and we have a HUGE mountain biking community and we deserve a category for mountain biking not to mention the millions of other mountain bikers in the world.  I see that you have a category for STAIRSTEPPER??? E-BIKE??? ROLLER SKI???  WHAT THE HECK - REALLY??   

    Please put more effort into this - mountain biking is not a new sport and road cycling is NOT the same as mountain biking. . . did I mention road cycling is NOT the same as mountain biking,  and for me personally to ride 3,500 mountain bike miles this year doesn't compare with 3,500 miles on a road bike.  Mountain bikers deserve the recognition of mountain bike miles.   

    I hope you take OUR request seriously and make this change fairly soon!  Many thanks in advance!


  • Years?  Well the current segments are nonsense now.  If MTBs start now it will get done, and the data will be fresh an current.  If they never start, it will NEVER get done.

    However, I don't think strava are even procrastinating now.  After 4 years, just ignoring it.  Strava doesn't do MTB /  Doesn't feel the need to.  Also doesn't do commuting, gravel, Cyclecross or any other deviation from head-down road in a rapidly diversifying sport.  

    I've learned to not compare myself with others, and that's fine.  The whole KOM thing has been getting dangerous anyway with too many people cheating and taking chances.  The consideration that the Strava business model is based on KOM, and denying themselves a complete sub section of KOM (with actual mountains!) is entirely their loss.

  • Hey there Strava.  This is trivial from a software development standpoint.  Is it a DB issue?  Then just do it on a "from this point onward" perspective.  Start fresh with a "Mountain Bike" activity.  This isn't hard.  This isn't hard to do.  This isn't even remotely hard to do.  I work for a large software development company, this type of change is not difficult.  I would be happy to solve it for you if I had a look at your code.  Reach out to me.  Fix it.  Mountain biking is different than roadbiking.  Everyone knows that.  18-20 mph on road bike isn't equivalent to 18-20 mph on a good mountain bike route.  Its not a matter of equipment, its the trail vs. the road.  For the same reason the 400m sprint in the olympics isn't run through a forest up a hill for time, road bike times shouldn't be equivalent to mountain bike times.  Fix it.  Please.



  • I'd like to see MTB supported as well. That could then separate trails from roads by using different colours when overlaid on the maps. So if you viewed the explore screen it would be easier to distinguish what people have used to do their rides. 

    I'd also like to see Garmin ANT+ Key work with the Strava App 


    Just my 0.02c   

  • Just started trying the site out for tracking activities and the segment comparisons/rankings are nice but they really need a way to identify which ones are road and which are MTB. Same with searching as already mentioned quite a few times. It doesn't make sense to compare a full suspension mountain bike that happens to be traveling the same segment to a roadie. I already know I'm a heck of a lot slower but it would be nice to compare what I'm doing to other MTB'ers.

  • You can do it!

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