Create Group or Club Challenges

I would love to be able to set up challenges within groups for the folks that I ride with. Complete with the features that are on the normal Strava challenges such as leaderboards, ranking.

Ability to set up the challenge measurement such as mileage, time, suffer score etc.

I feel like this would really help drive people to ride even harder, especially those that might feel a little overwhelmed by some of the site wide challenges.



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  • I'd really like to see this function added to the clubs also.  I have several challenges I'd like to create for my club to attract more members.

  • I am the same... I would LOVE this feature!   I want the same feed back as the large challenges.  So I can see who completed them and they can see what percentage they are at in at any given time.

    The large Challenges are fun and fine but the ability to do it on a small scale would be GREAT!!

  • I too am really keen to be able to create "Club challenges" - can only see positives with this going ahead - increased interest, competition with new members being attracted etc etc.  Have some great ideas I want to turn into challenges and really think it could be a win-win for our club, and for Strava.  Have all fingers and toes crossed that this becomes a reality soon - like before Christmas.  Please...... :)


  • The possibility of creating club challanges is a "must have" in my opinion. Cool if it comes soon.

    Special Callanges like 

    - Ride lots of km from start date to end date

    - Ride lots of meters altitude from start date to end date

    - Ride x km in y days


    would be great an will push clubs.

    Thanks strava if you create this! 


  • I would love to be able to add specific club challenges as well! Please do this ASAP!

  • Hi Elle, 

    Would love to see a club leaderboard reward system. I guess the easiest way to describe that would be "Club King/Queen of the Mountain". 


  • Just a basic Event calendar. We create a route, build an event around that route, invite our strava and facebook friends and wammo, you have involved your cycling community at a local level. You can select to keep it an invite only event or public event. Thanks.

  • Just created a club specifically so we could set our own challenges as most are geared towards roadies and distance. Was shocked to find there isnt the ability. Surely its not too hard to setup, afterall challenges are already been created by Strava. I can't believe theres so much support for this from users but seemingly not from Strava itself

  • Crazy this is not a feature. Custom challenges would be key!

  • I too would like to have a way to make club challenges. I manage a bike club and we would like to have a strava segment challenge just for our club members for a particular time period.

  • Hi everybody.  Does anybody  Knows what happened whit Elle Anderson's, post on march 21/2014?

    " I posted a comment on another forum recently which may relate to this feature suggestion:

    "What if we made it easier to filter segment results by your club, and pulled this feature into the club page? For example, if there was another tab on the Club page for "Club Segments", the club could select some number of existing segments, and have the club-only segment results displayed there. In one glance, a club member could review the designated Club segments and track leaderboard changes, etc. 

    Even better, add a time filter component, such as showing club leaderboard results from 'this date to that date'.


    March 21, 2014 02:32 PM "
  • The ability to create a club challenge would be a a wonderful feature.

    I am, however, against challenges being made by individuals that are open to the entire community.  This quickly gets unruly and congested.

    Please advance efforts on this request.

  • Totally agree and it would be even better if they could incorporate some indoor challenges as well.

  • Is this something that is in the Strava Roadmap with an ETA?

  • Well, its been almost two years since it was suggested, so I guess it definitely isn't on the roadmap.

  • Unfortunately, when I asked the same question regarding having challenges within clubs/groups, I was told by Strava that it was not possible and there is no plan to allow such challenges. Strava said that they only do challenges with big business, corporate groups and such, in other words they only do challenges with people that have deep pockets. They just suggested the rest of us can plan out some route and then have our people ride it (like a road race) and use the Strava results as our challenge. Too bad, so we're all just on our own. This means you can't do an overall challenge (within our group/club) that is based on miles, time, elevation, only something is would be based on a route. I work on the UCLA Road Race each year so can see how this works but it's still a bummer not to be able to do our own challenge based on miles or elevation. What I do plan to do is use Strava's monthly leader board in our club for a distance based challenge. This is possible because our club membership is by invitation only to keep it limited to our area.

  • I am following this post with great interest and am really surprised Strava haven't developed this feature yet - the ability to create club challenges would really bring clubs to life, creating a lot of excitement and interest.  It is the one thing I can see that is missing and would really set Strava apart.  Club challenges would only be visible within each Club itself and therefore wouldn't detract from the global/sponsored challenges currently offered so there really isn't a conflict of interest...  As far as I can tell it is a win-win for Strava, with club challenges providing another way to attract new users and get them on board, and keep existing users satisfied and interested - isn't that what they want?!  I sincerely hope that someone is listening, can see the bigger picture and makes this happen.  Soon.  Please.

  • I am following this post with great interest and am really surprised Strava haven't developed this feature yet - the ability to create club challenges would really bring clubs to life, creating a lot of excitement and interest.  It is the one thing I can see that is missing and would really set Strava apart.  Club challenges would only be visible within each Club itself and therefore wouldn't detract from the global/sponsored challenges currently offered so there really isn't a conflict of interest...  As far as I can tell it is a win-win for Strava, with club challenges providing another way to attract new users and get them on board, and keep existing users satisfied and interested - isn't that what they want?!  I sincerely hope that someone is listening, can see the bigger picture and makes this happen.  Soon.  Please.

  • I'm glad to see more people commenting on this subject, UNFORTUNATELY, Strava seems to have no interest in making it possible for us to make challenges within our clubs or groups unless we are big time corporate types (meaning $$$). I hope people will keep pushing on this subject but here is what Strava replied to me a couple of weeks ago:

    STRAVA reply to my request = 

    Thank you for your interest in Strava Challenges. Unfortunately, due to the great demand on challenges, we are unable to accommodate requests for self-serve, club-based, or private challenges at this time. As of now, Challenges are only run in conjunction with Strava and are done in partnership with endemic and global brands in running or cycling.

    In the meantime, one option you have is to pick a few key climbs or sprints and create the sense of a Segment Challenge by filtering the Segment Leaderboard by Strava Club. Getting people to join a specific Strava Club can be a great way to engage with your fellow cyclists.

  • That's just really bad business strategy 1. they should be focusing on making their users happy and not big companies with money, because without users no big company will want to throw money at them to do challenges... 2. If they release that as a paid feature, I bet there will be a lot more people happy to sign up for a premium membership with them, than now.... I rather have 1 million people paying me $1 each, than 2 companies paing $500,000... If one person pulls out, I sill have $999999 if one company pulls out I have 50% less. Don't really need to be too smart to work that out. It wouldn't take much for garmin or suunto to implement that on their system, and trust me, as soon as they do, I'm out! Strava should really reconsider this last reply...
  • Lets face it... Strava has joined almost every other company in not giving a crap about the very people that made them successful. This is all about signing contracts with big companies now what we would like means nothing.  Interesting how the users are the ones that created the opportunity for them to attract big business but we do not matter anymore.

    It is is sad when companies like this start thinking how lucky WE are that they exist and we should be on our knees thanking them.  Well Strava... just like you did, somebody IS going to listen to the USERS and create a site that does what they want.   Just like you did with Garmin I hope they take all of your users so that you can be wondering why the big businesses you seem to love so much walk away in a heart beat. . 

  • Mike, Dan & John - could not agree with you guys more!  Extremely disappointing to hear Stava's response, and interesting that they haven't posted/replied to anyone via this forum either - only a private post to John.  I think it is utter rubbish that they can't "accommodate requests" for group challenges, very short-sighted not to develop a brilliant idea that would bring so much interest/interaction and competition to the Strava platform.  As we all know, if there is a demand, someone will step up and provide it.  Sadly, if Strava continues to ignore what we all want they are giving someone else the perfect opportunity to step up and create it, and then Strava will be kicking themselves...  It really is a win-win - keep your customers happy and engaged and they won't have a desire/need to look elsewhere - greater interest/competition brings new and breeds loyal consumers.  Yes, it could be offered via Premium, or better still they could set-up a few templates and charge clubs a fee per challenge run.  I'm sure if it was a reasonable cost everyone would be happy.  That way, clubs who are interested in setting up a challenge could do so themselves, Strava get some money and everyone is happy.  Come on Strava, keep innovating and keep your users happy!   

  • There's a fundamental misstake behind the reasoning of Strava, I am afraid. Strava IS not the community of cyclists (runners, ...) - they provide a tool to support this community. The community does already exist and does already have a structure in groups, clubs, teams, federations.
    If it would be possible to have challenges (and for me, maybe even better Segments) for club members exclusively, my club of 2000 members would be interested and so would be the Dutch national federation. I have tried to get in touch with Strava on behalf of them, but no interest, it seems. In The Netherlands there is a jungle of segments on the popular cycling routes. That issue would also be tackeled by enabling (premium?) clubs to have their own segments.
    I totally agree that there will be other organisations serving this need, if Strava doesnt. On the other hand, we wouldnt be on the Strava forum, if Strava wasnt serving us well on a lot of other variables. And of course it is hard for us to really analyse the real potential, the technical challenges. The long term business model from Strava should be directed towards the needs of the communities Strava is serving, though, and there are a lot of people and organisations in this community, that have a gut feeling that this would be a killer application.
    I would be listening well if I was working at Strava... why not try it out in some pilot projects and see if it really attracts a lot more cyclists to the Strava clubs involved?

  • Yes Kate B, you are certainly correct. I see that some independent developers are already trying to figure out a way to setup challenges (like Andrew Smit) but, so far, they are all far too technical for many of us who have created clubs. Strava has made some simple improvements to the clubs (leaderboards, etc.) but still nothing substantial. YES, I also find it interesting that STRAVA tech has not posted their replies on this subject, only sending me a personal email about why they won't work with us on club challenges.

  • Gudo Kramer (Netherlands) also has some very good comments concerning this subject showing that even larger organizations (Dutch Cycling Federation) are interest in creating challenges but they are also not getting any reply from Strava. We already know that Strava can create apps (look at Strava Labs) like their Activity Playback (and others) which we thoroughly enjoy using although it's listed as a beta app. The response on this subject is huge (look at all those replies and comments). In the meantime I'm hoping to try creating a challenge for our club based on distance and lasting one month. I'll just use the monthly leader board results and see how it works out.

  • Been seeing a lot of activity on my thread this last week, must be because so many people have voted for it it's in the top 20. Let's keep the thread alive and try to spread the word. Maybe we can get enough likes on this suggestion they will seriously consider implementing it.

  • Yes Jeff, Tons of individuals, clubs, even some larger organizations are interested but, so far, it seems that Strava is not. But, if we keep the thread alive maybe they will see the light. The requests are coming from all over the world and as many have said if Strava doesn't do it someone else will. Strava has just posted their training plan apps for Premium Users so coming up with a Challenge app might be another good hook. Only problem I see is that they might say everyone in the club/organization might have to be a Premium user and that (in my opinion) wouldn't work. If only the club/organization admin needed to be a Premium user (to create the challenge) would be workable and fair to everyone. After all, there has to be some kind of balance between fairness and greed.

  • They just wrote me over the nasty comment I made and this is what they said... Basically... don't hold your breath

    Hi Mike -

    Your comment came directly to our support team instead of posting to the forum, but I'm happy to try and help!

    I'm not sure what John Moran heard from us exactly, but I can try to explain what I know. It mostly comes down to us being a small company, with only 90 employees. The team that handles Strava Challenges is only one person. This means that we have to be strategic with our resources, unfortunately. It takes a certain amount of time to set up a challenge given the limits of our current system, and without further development of this feature we simply can't accommodate all challenges. So we have to think big, and go for the most impact with our partnerships.

    In general, we see huge potential with the Challenges feature, and completely understand the demand for challenges within the Strava community. I think it's completely feasible that in the future we'll expand this feature to include group challenges in a "do it yourself" or "self serve" kind of way, opening this feature up to a larger audience.

    Thanks for sending us your thoughts, and please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Gee Mike, hard to believe they don't keep records of what they say/messages they send out to members but I guess they do what they do. Unfortunately I'm old so maybe I won't see this improvement in my lifetime (lol). Maybe the one person in charge of challenges doesn't get what we are saying. We ARE NOT looking for Strava to setup challenges for us and our clubs, we only want them to create an app that allows us to simply and easily setup some simple/basic challenges for our members. Personally, I only want to be able to setup club challenges based on distance and maybe, in the future, by elevation. I'm not interested in challenges based on specific segments or such because I can already do that just by looking at the leaderboards. The idea is to setup challenges within our club and those challenges (probably monthly) would have some type of rewards which would encourage more members to join our club (and also to join Strava which is good for them also). Some of these people are certainly going to become Premium users also which is also good for Strava. I'm not software geek but it all seems pretty simple and basic to me. Hopefully many more Strava users will post to this thread with their input and ideas.

  • I don't know why this thread has got so angry. Maybe you could setup a Strava development hatred thread elsewhere? With limited resources they are only going to implement the highest priority features. I'd love to see this feature yet I think the best way to encourage it is to keep getting additional positive comments. I'm sure that if they could just "switch it on" for clubs they would. It could be that the system they have can't easily accommodate the feature (for everyone).

    Anyway - I'm sure you'll all hate me for that comment. 

    Elle Anderson - if you are still watching this thread, maybe a comment like "the dev team think this is big project" kind of comment might calm it all down? 

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