Create Group or Club Challenges

I would love to be able to set up challenges within groups for the folks that I ride with. Complete with the features that are on the normal Strava challenges such as leaderboards, ranking.

Ability to set up the challenge measurement such as mileage, time, suffer score etc.

I feel like this would really help drive people to ride even harder, especially those that might feel a little overwhelmed by some of the site wide challenges.



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  • Maybe a strategy would be to have everyone on this forum who was for the feature to open a support ticket requesting it and get a bit of traction with the dev team? I'm subscribed to many of the request discussions on this forum and a few have come to fruition but many legitimate requests have fallen by the wayside. 

  • I think that things be a little more civil if Elle would provide a comment every once in a while. Her last comment was July 2014. The big issue I think for many is no comments from anyone with Strava.

  • Maybe Strava can add features to Group Events one at at time, to test and expand slowly? Many good suggestions have already been made. These include listing who completed and event, or allowing events to exist for a period of time longer than one day (such as a week or a month) instead of only allowing an event to repeat.

  • LOL Rob... The way to stop anger is with sarcasm... just like  pouring gas on a fire will put it out  LOL

  • Rob, I certainly don't mean to sound like I hate Strava, quite the opposite infact!  I am just frustrated that in 2 years there has not been a solid response from them, even if it was to say 'no, we aren't going to develop this feature/app in the next 12 months' at least I would know whether to keep my hopes up, or not.  I also wanted to clarify that I do not want Strava to actually create the club challenges - that would be crazy.  What I think the majority are after is the ability to hit a button to 'create a club challenge', select a length of time for the challenge, ie 1 week, 1 month etc and then simply select from another drop down box, or similar the aim of challenge ('ie most hours, longest distance, fastest 10k etc etc,') and presto, the challenge would be created automatically.  Yes, I'm sure it would take a bit to set it up but surely not impossible.  Initially Strava could keep it simple, offering only a few options and see how it goes.  Since my first post I have checked out Endomondo, and they certainly allow you to create your own challenges very quickly and easily, and they seem very popular with individuals, clubs, companies and various charities/causes.  I really hope the momentum and excitement surrounding this topic continues and it gets pushed through soon.  Or, if there is no hope of it happening anytime soon I kindly ask Strava to jump on and give us the bad news ;)   

  • Agree completely with Kate B. As I've said several times, we only want the ability to create simple challenges for our clubs. Distance and elevation and being able to create a challenge for more than a week, say a month. I plan to have a club challenge on distance in March for our group BUT since Strava doesn't have a monthly leaderboard I will use a spread sheet and add the distances for four weeks. We also can't start a challenge on the first day of the month and end it on the last day since that would entail too many problems as Strava leaderboards only go from Monday-Sunday but I can also deal with that. We only have about 30 members (expect that will increase since the challenge will have prizes) BUT for clubs having large numbers of members I can see that my plan probably would be far too cumbersome. Imagine adding hundreds of names to a spreadsheet! I may be wrong but it seems like Strava could start with a simple app that allows us to easily create a challenge for all of our members. One benefit our group has is that it is private (so we can limit membership to cyclists in our area) so we can control size. Anyone interested in creating challenges for their club should keep posting and, maybe, eventually we will wear down Strava and they will say yea or nay to our requests.

  • The idea of challenges by age group is also (great for me since I'm old) but I would settle for ability to create distance & elevation challenges for our club on a monthly basis. Someone suggested Strava award badges for these challenges but I'm not even too interested in that.  Our club would just post our results locally and make the awards (badges, prizes, etc.) outside of Strava which should make things easier for the Strava staff. I see this is a fast growing request so lets keep up the dialogue and pressure.

  • I see that there are more than 200 requests on this topic and this is by far the greatest number of comments on topics related to creating our own club challenges! Keep the comments and ideas coming!

  • By the way, for everyone's information. Our local world class bicycle shop tried to create a monthly Strava based challenge in 2014 based on our weekly group ride and personal miles and elevation. It mostly worked (without any support from Strava) but was cumbersome and labor intensive for the shop staff and the cyclists. After a few months something else was tried, challenges based on segments, that was even more difficult to track. The bike shop has several hundred riders and without any kind of Strava app it just became impossible to deal with so the challenges were dropped. I think the only way (especially for larger clubs) to make club challenges to work is with some app that is Strava supported. I will say again, please make an app that admins can use to create challenges. ALSO, limit use of the app to PREMIUM MEMBER ADMINS, that way Strava makes some money on the app BUT do not require all club members to be Premium Members to participate that just wouldn't be fair or workable since some cyclists just can't afford it.

  • I have submitted this similar idea also. I am hopeful this will be implemented.  I want to be able to propose challenges to my friends and let inner-group competition push each other to higher performance levels. Everyone would agree Strava provides a good source of motivation to ride more, but its easy to get lost in the multitudes of riders we don't know. 

  • I have taken up rowing.  The ability to do rowing challenges across all of Strava would be very motivating!!!  I am sure there are others out there that could benefit!!!

  • I would like the upcoming group event (which includes a course) to be accessible after the event, with everyone's results for doing the course, even those who did the event and didn't click the 'I'm in' button. It would be good to have an archive of events and results viewable and searchable. Currently the event just disappears when it's over and there is no cohesive leaderboards of how everyone went in the actual event. This would be so much fun. Thanks.  

  • There is so much persistent interest on this topic - countless people have jumped onto this forum over the last 2 years to say they would love to be able to create club challenges.  Other platforms are offering it, why not Strava?  It seems blindingly obvious to me that the ability to create our own club challenges would create a real buzz around the Strava community and enhance competition tenfold.  Surely it is just a matter of creating a few templates...we will happily do the rest.  Come on Strava, for a little bit of work you would be rewarded ten-fold as clubs take on a life of their own, attracting any number of new users with very little effort on your behalf.  At the very least could someone jump on and give us an update, it's been a's starting to feel very lonely in here :( 

  • Garmin connect is starting to look like a better option, and it's completely free....


  • I have given up on this.  It is obvious they do not care what we want. It is also very obvious that unless they can charge money to a sponsor it is not going to happen.

  • It seems like Strava is chasing the eternal buck (DOLLAR) and misses the big picture. There are riders of all levels out there, many using Strava and many more that would use Strava if there were more features. Fact is that the big (corporate money backed) challenges are fine for those of use doing a lot of miles/elevation but impossible for many riders with less time/ability. We have groups (in our area) that do flats, 10 mph, shorter rides and if those groups/clubs could make challenges for their members it would expand the Strava base and some would undoubtedly pay for Premium status. As I've said before, you want more money, more premium members then give us the ability to create out own challenges and also to post photos directly, and make that limited to Premium members. OR, Strava, sit back and ignore our requests and watch cyclists move to other platforms like Ride w/GPS, etc.

  • I have just posted a comment to the Strava Facebook page - hopefully it will get some attention there, if not from Strava, then from other members, and hopefully then from Strava!  If anyone wants to jump on and 'like' or share my post to get more attention, and gather support that would be awesome!  If Strava won't listen/respond via this forum anymore, maybe a more public forum will get their attention?!  Fingers crossed anyway!

  • ps: page is here: then look for my post on the left hand side under 'posts to page'.  Cheers.

  • Hello everyone! This is one of my personal favorite feature suggestions, and I agree that there is a lot of potential in expanding on our existing Strava Challenge and Club features in this way. 

    We're starting to think about group and club features in more depth now. Unfortunately, we're only in the beginning stages of determining our plans and scope so it'll be a while before we can share more news here. Please know that your ideas and feedback will be incorporated into our plans as much as possible. 

    Thanks for your continued feedback! 

  • I have created a sort of proof of concept page for to try out some of the feature ideas I have for group challenges.

    I didnt want to duplicate the weekly goal feature or club leaderboards for distance and elevation, so the concept is to create a challenge, that runs within a restricted period. The creator of the challenge adds a selection of segments. The summation of the time spent on all segments is used for an overall leaderboard, and a leaderboard is also updated for each segment.

    I also wish to add options to require a segment to be completed n number of times spread across activities within the challenge period, or n number of times in a single activity.

    I added a share-to-facebook button so that these local challenges can be easily shared in community facebok group to invite others to participate.
    Currently, I didn't add the option to whitelist participants so the challenges are open to anyone who stumbles on the challenges.
    I should probably add the option to the challenge edit page.

    I put in on a public server

    An example of a challenge setup for MTB tracks in my home region to complete during 2015:

    Join beta testing, and give it a spin. Let me know what you think with the feedback form on the site. Questions, comments, ideas and rants very welcome..

    When you connect with strava, you will need to login.
    Only Strava will get your login details. I'll never see them, their API is clever that way.
    It only requires read-access so your data is completely safe.
    You can revoke access anytime, and the next time the challenge is refreshed, you are off the page again.

    Also, I haven't completed optimizations in background loading, so be patient if the pages are a bit slow.

  • I can see that a lot of people have visited the page, but few felt like they wanted to connect to strava to get in. That's fair enough.

    I posted the page here to get some feedback and to be able to create a prototype with as much feedback as possible. Therefore I have removed the site-wide requirement and it only applies if you want to join or create a challenge. you can now visit the sample segment challenge and have a peak without needing to connect with strava. I want the page to be fully functional, so for those part I still need you to connect. If you just want to snoop around it is now open for that.

    The page now show overall GC as well as two point based leaderboards, a TdF style King of Mountains challenge on climb segments within the track segments and a challenge for points on black singletrack loops.

    Let me know what you think.


  • Impressive work Jens.

    We are planning on using your Challenge page for a mini Enduro in the beginning of May, also I have some plans for a season wide challenge with 20 stages during summer,  I will test and follow your progress with great interest.

    I have one feature suggestion. I would like to post averall and segment leaderboards on our own blog or club page, maybe as an IFRAME.

    Also nice work with the points based leaderboards. I hope there will be a feature disabling or enabling these alternative leaderboards when setting up a challenge.


    Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks Jens, it's just a matter of time. I planned to explore the app but didn't have time until today. I've talked with a local bike shop owner who is very active in racing and he thought this would be a great idea so I told him I'd look at your app (I'm no computer whiz or programmer just a cyclist) and see how it works and let him know. So, there is interest in your program, we're just slow.
    Thanks again for all your work, John Moran (Antelope Valley, California USA)

    Somehow this message ended up in Strava's support ticket system. In any case, using Jens app I created a local segment challenge which begins tomorrow and I'm the first person to join the challenge. I posted it to Facebook and all of our local cycling clubs so, hopefully, some of our other riders will join the challenge. First thing to do is to ride the segment and see if the data transfers from Strava to the challenge, then see if the challenge is working which will require others to join. If this app works for us it will be a big step forward in creating our own club/group challenges.

  • I just moved from Runkeeper to Strava because I find out Strava import my data better from GC, then I found out about challenges, set up a club, only to find out that club can't really add their own challenges for the club members. Like someone mentioned before, not all could fulfill Strava's monthly challenge due to various situations (time etc) but if we could create challenge among club members only, that WOULD be great indeed. I hope this gets somewhere, and not only end up as an old, forgotten topic.

  • I've run across a 3rd party website created using the Strava API. It pulls in data from Strava about segments and displays the Club-only leaderboard. You can create a segment challenge for a specific Club, and challenge the Club members to achieve their best times.

    Please feel free to let us know what you think about this external feature built using Strava data. Is it related to the topic discussed here, and how could Strava build on the idea if we were to develop something similar in the future for the Strava site?

    If you'd like to add your comment to the discussion around Club Segments, see this related topic found here:


  • Hi Elle,

    Thank you for sharing this website, at first glance it looks very slick and certainly fulfils some of our requests.  However personally, I would like to be able to create challenges that are independent from segments as not all members of our club are local.  So, yes, while this is definitely heading in the right direction and will keep some people happy I am hopeful that Strava will move beyond segments and allow us to create our own 'global' challenges ie can be done anywhere, based on distance, or time, or anything else someone comes up with!  Let's keep this going and make Club challenges happen sooner rather than later! 

  • I have a very simple interim suggestion (while we wait for Strava to enable us to create our own Club challenges) which would be quick and easy for Strava to implement.  The current Club leaderboards have two buttons which allow us to switch our view between 'This weeks Leaderboard' or 'Last Week Leaderboard.'  My suggestion is for Strava to simply add another two buttons which allow us to view 'THIS MONTHS LEADERBOARD' and 'LAST MONTHS LEADERBOARD', in addition to weekly view options we already have.  The addition of these two views/filters would allow us to view monthly club 'results' at a glance, without having to manually track/add up the weeks which people have done in the past when trying to hold a 'monthly challenge' within their club.  In addition to my suggestion of adding monthly leaderboard views, it would be awesome if you could add a similar button to the top of the club page, where you see the top 3 athletes in position 1, 2 & 3 under the title of 'Last week's Leaders.'  I am hopeful Strava could also add two little buttons here so we could opt to view either 'Last week's leaders' (which is what is shown currently) or the additional view of 'LAST MONTH'S LEADERS.'  Two very simple ideas for Strava to implement which would improve the Club pages and how we can use them dramatically.  What does everyone think?  ps I still desperately want to be able to create our own Club challenges, but I thought this could be a good addition in the meantime, and it is something Strava could implement immediately, if they wanted to....               

  • Oh, and while I am on a roll I have another idea which would be pretty cool, and again, very easy for Strava to implement!  I would love to see the CLUB'S OVERALL RESULTS for the past week or month (the current weeks results are currently captured by the Club 'Summary Widget') actually visible on the Club page.  Following on from my previous post, it would be great to tie the Club's overall results (activity summary) in with the "Last week's Leaders' or 'Last Month's Leaders' view, so as you switch between 'week' or 'month' view for the Leaders, you would also see the overall 'Club Stat's for Last Week' or 'Club Stat's for Last Month'.  With this simple addition the Club pages would instantly foster a greater sense of Club/community achievement, alongside the individual 'bragging rights' which the existing individual leaderboards currently encourage.  What do you think Elle? :)    

  • Hello? Anyone there?

  • That is a great suggestion and I agree with the original posters reasoning.

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