Turn-by-turn cues for following Routes on a Garmin

I just used your route planner for the first time and really liked the functionality on the computer. Unfortunately, I was a little underwhelmed with the route on my Garmin Edge 500 since it didn't have any turn warnings, even though the route planner is capable of creating a cue sheet that has all turns. I know other route planners allow the addition of turn cues so that they are displayed on the Edge. This is a great feature and I think it makes it a lot easier to follow a route on the 500.

Any plans for adding this feature?





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  • I was just about to email about the same.  Tim, do you have the same problem on Garmin Connect? I can only find ridewithgps where this seems to work

  • I don't use Garmin Connect but I was able to get turn-by-turn using gpsies.com and importing the route I made on Strava. Their interface isn't nearly as high-speed as Strava's but it get's the job done. It's just a pain that I have to add a step to the process.

  • Can confirm this issue still persists.  .tcx routes created with Ride With GPS for the Edge 500 include an extra page listing turn-by-turn directions & distances remaining, as well as turn indicators on the map view.  .tcx files created with Strava Route Builder don't have the list of turns, and no turn indicators in map view.

    EDIT: RideWithGPS no longer supports giving turn-by-turn with the free account tcx. export, it's a regular bread crumb again.


  • Elle can you please update this request, the TCX file does not contain the turn warning data need for the 500/510. This data is included when I use ridewithgps and bike route toaster. I would love to the Strava Route Builder but this needs to be fixed.


  • Hi, I also found this feature yesterday and was there wasn't turn by turn beeps one uploaded to my garmin 500. Can you please advise if this will be fixed please? 

  • Please fix it...

  • Any news on getting turn directions.  The like post by Elle doesn't work anymore.

  • I have same issue. I couldn't find any recent posts on this, have I missed anything

  • Is there a solution ?

  • Plotaroute works great on my edge 520 and opensource maps

  • The .tcx file exported from Strava used to work on Edge 520, now it seems to have been disabled from Strava side purposefully. I wonder if this is a dick move to force users to upgrade to more costly headsets.

  • Any news on this? I find I can download other people's activities, make them a route and save it. But there aren't turn by turn directions as there is with RidewithGPS. I'm using an Edge 500.

  • Would be a really useful feature for Strava to have with their amazing route builder!

  • I'm confused. I can print out turn-by-turn directions but such directions don't t download into Garmin? Some of my Garmin courses seem to have turn-by-turn directions, but others, including those downloaded from Strava, do not. Yet, again, I can print turn-by-turn directions? That seems too odd. Anyone know?

  • Please support this. Cue sheet info is already available in strava route planner. Just need to put them as additional XML tag in gpx file.

  • Please fix this!  I have tried to get routes with cues for so long.  It's a total pain in the ass.

  • Same here (edge 510). The routes suggestions of strava are better (vs rwgps), so for now i plot it in strava, then go to rwgps and plot the route again > export > drag in NewFiles of the garmin > load course > ride. "Long" process, just hope that strava will implement this soonish (early post back in early 2014). This is a free feature in rwgps, but you get the turn warning right when you are an the corner (0m. you can pay a fee to get a 30m warning or something)...but by using the cues sheet it's pretty good.

  • use plotaroute.com it's free, you can get turn by turn, choose the distance before you get the warning

    It's works also with Garmin Virtual Partner on Garmin Edge


    Strava is disappointing about the lack of this feature

  • Nice, thanks Florent. Any idea why a file exported with strava and imported in plotaroute does not have a single direction cue ? I'm troubleshooting this right now and i'm not too sure why...thanks !

    (actually i never managed to get cues out of a strava routes tcx and gpx, and that's the reason I replot the route in rwgps....)

  • Aaa.. just read the above comments....indeed, the cues are there in the "print mode"... so it should be pretty basic to include them via "additional XML tag"...strava, what's up ??

  • It would be dead easy and a very much appreciated feature.

    Strava are you listening to your customers ?

  • The ability to import an activity and automatically convert it into a route (without resorting to tracing), and then export .tcx, including cues would, I believe, be unique. Strava has already done the hard bit and smooth out the activity and generate the cue sheet, all you have to do is write the information to .tcx!

  • Any update? Strava? 

  • Strava, any update? Stop feeding us empty promises!

  • I am a premium STRAVA user... In this day in age, this is an absolute must-have for all devices. You have an image on your site (https://www.strava.com/routes) as if this function is available, but as you know, it's not. PLEASE ADD ROAD CUES TO THE GPX FILES.
    This has been a request for over a year... PLEASE!!!!!

    Ride with GPS adds Turn Cues when creating a route on their website.  

  • At this point of history, determined to not continue Premium membership due to the lack of proper cue sheets, all I can say to Strava is : Boooooooooooo!

  • Is there an update Strava? Looks like your customers are voting with there feet and walking away, joining one of you competitors!


  • +1.  I note that the community has been asking for this feature on this thread for 4.5 years!

  • I'm doing a 200 km route and the only cues are the start and finish line.  Boo!

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