Add a feature to Sort and Filter Strava Routes

Incorporate a drop down sort feature to sort routes.  sorting types could be sort route by length (long to short) sort route by estimated time to ride (long to short), sort ride by elevation gain , etc.



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    Thanks for the great feature idea. There is also a popular feature suggestion to be able to search Routes from other Strava users. 

  • seams easy enough,  please add sort feature


  • I want Strava to be the one stop shop. I don't want to use MAPMYRIDE and RIDE WITH GPS and the like.  This route feature is great EXCEPT you can't sort, filter or in anyway catalog the routes.  I travel a lot and want to be able to say :  My Routers near Columbus OH, for example, and have my routes appear.  I have over 60 routes already and it is very cumbersome to track all of them.  There have been times were I have made the same route twice because I didn't find it the first time.

  • Yes please.  I have 20 odd routes currently in my route builder and would love to be able to sort them on length, elevation, estimated time and alphabetically based on the route name.  Would be a simple enhancement to the site.

  • I have 150+ routes in my folder, would actually make them usable if there was a "Search" function

  • This would be a much appreciated improvement. 

  • Hey Strava, this would be a simple process to implement and make a big difference to enhancing users experience of the site.  Filtering by route length, elevation, time to complete and route name seems like it would cover all the bases.  If you could add a coffee making feature too that'd be ace. Cheers.

  • Ideally, I would like to be able to sort by most-traveled. I am in San Diego, and I would love to be able to find the most-traveled 3-8 mile routes and segments in the area.

    I would also really like to be able to add surface type to the description: road, sidewalk, trail, mixed (and sort by these types).

    Also: loop, out-and-back, one-way for sorting would be good.


  • This would be a great update to the site.  Please add sorting feature to Routes.

  • YES PLEASE! Having them organized by when you entered them makes no sense. When I'm trying to choose a ride, I'm usually trying to choose it based on specific features (e.g., I want to climb about X feet or I want to bike X miles).

  • I don't think anyone above asked for an Alpha sort option also.  This would allow users to deploy a good naming convention and keep a catalog of rides.  Examples: "FromHome 30 w 2800vert" and "Work2Home 32 w 3000vert". 

  • I have deleted a lot of routes but still have 138... It's got to the point now where I'm actually quicker recreating the route from scratch rather than spend 10 minutes trying to find it. Such a basic filter that has been asked for, for a long time now. There are one or two of these threads asking for the same thing. Please sort it out Strava, surely it wouldn't take much to add a few drop down boxes to filter by ride length and distance from a location, or allow users to put them in folders or hey why not both features.


  • At least let us know if there is a reason you cannot add the sorting feature.  It would be nice to have some feedback on this issue.  I really like the route creation feature, but I'll go find another app to do it if Strava can't....

  • I am actually growing quite frustrated over this.  I travel with my bike which means I have routes spread all over the country.  When I am going to be in Alabama, for instance, I want to sort by STATE.  What if I create a route there last year and 3 years ago?  It is impossible to find the routes.  I have started using RIDE WITH GPS or even GARMIN CONNECT.  This has got to be the fixed.  Maybe people who ride the same area don't need routes, but I sure do.  Is STRAVE only interested in selling their heat maps for profit and iqnoring the most basic customer feature?

  • Thanks Nathan. I'll try those apps until Strava addresses this issue.
  • Yes, please. Either make them searchable, or at least present them in a table form like the "My Activities" page and allow them to be sorted by alphabetically by name, date created, distance, starting location (town, city, state, etc). Currently they are only presented in "date created" order. What's worse, if you modify an old route to use, the "modified" route gets placed right next to the old route, rather than being placed up at the top. Really poor engineering here.

  • Sigh.  Since I see this request is 2 years old, I guess this helpful feature isn't at the top of their priority list.

  • Plus one for that.

    I organise routes for my club.

    I have over 200 routes of various lengths and degrees of ascent.

    It would be really handy to sort by distance, height, date etc.

  • Let us filter segments on segment explorer better

  • Wow, the route feature just went wacko, still no sort AND it seems to no longer be defaulting to create date.  I can't figure out how it is sorting now and they seem to just be random order.  Really, even just a simple alpha numeric sort would allow us to make a system that works.  Sort by location, date, etc would be neat, but at the very least alpha numeric and I could get by.

  • Honestly folks these comment/feedback ideas are just a waste of time. This is such a simple fix that would have a huge benefit for the users but they clearly can't be bothered. 2.5 years now, taking the Mickey

  • +1 Chris Golden. How hard can it be to introduce a simple sort feature?   

  • Won't be bothering to renew my premium if there's no 'sort' feature.

  • Just to add to the voices here - let me search, sort or filter my routes somehow, anyhow! Even change the pagination so I can See All and use CTRL F to find them! Navigating 150+ routes is tiresome. Just display them in a list as you do with My Activities and make them searchable - the same UI you use for My Activities. I'd say this is a two day job, with testing!

    I do wonder what the devs and product managers at Strava are doing. Feature releases are thin on the ground. Is all that time spent on commercial activities selling my data instead? I'm a premium member but am very disappointed with the lack of basic functionality for some of your features.

  • +1000 for that!!! That would be the most important update for organizing the self created routes and this should not be very complicated to implement this on your strava site!

  • +1 for this one. Sorting by name, distance, elevation and est. duration in a table/list view. Come on and implement this three year old suggestion already.

  • +1 Please add sort and search function for Routes. Thanks

  • What's the use of asking new features (like the sorting possibility from almost 3 years ago)  to the inplemented if Strava doesn't change the site.

    It seems like they are not interested in new ideas,

  • Yeah, I agree. The Route Builder is still in "Beta" many years later. :(

  • Still not being able to organise, sort, filter one's routes is baffling. I have 175 routes so far and they unsurprisingly they only keep increasing in number and becoming ever more unwieldy and difficult to find and organise.
    Being able to place routes into folders and also allow/prevent them syncing with one's GPS device would be such a boon for so many reasons already mentioned.
    I also don't ned 175 Strava routes on my GPS when at max only a handful of them are appropriate at any one time. Made even worse by having to duplicate my Strava routes in RWGPS to get turn by turn navigation.
    Not sure why I should pay for premium Strava when such an important and not exactly difficult to implement feature is ignored. As mentioned I already use RWGPS for better route planning, maybe I should pay their premium rate instead.

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