Google Street View in Route Builder

Why have Google StreetView?

An aerial view gives us just that, an aerial view but a cyclist does not see things from the sky. He or she sees things while riding on a road. StreetView allows users to get an idea of how the route looks while planning. Sure, the route may look nice from the top but a StreetView closeup may reveal a myriad of potholes and obstacles unseen from high above. 

Basically, StreetView would let the user look for and at

  • potential obstacles such as potholes, traffic furniture, etc
  • shoulders along the road which are nice to ride on should a cyclist want to avoid sharing a lane with cars whenever possible
  • tricky and/or complex intersections which can be studied a bit via StreetView
  • looking for landmarks (which are harder to get a recognize when one only sees it from up above) to help with navigating


  • I'd love to see street view included. It's a very good way to gauge road quality and traffic. I now resort to other mapping/routing tools due to streetview missing.... Hope it will be added in the future.

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  • During the process on creation of a new route, I’m currently using a one tab of my browser to check “google street view”. This help to find nice route and specially a paved route for road biking. It will be nice to get this option directly inside Strava.

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  • I think the Strava route builder is an excellent tool and could be even further improved with an option for Google Street view!

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  • Streetview would be brilliant in route builder... sadly it looks like they've dropped it entirely :(

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