Add Sailing as an activity type


Please, if possible, would you add Sailing as an activity type?






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  • I've just been made aware of the RYA's SafeTrx which allegedly does the same thing, and can be used to alert others if you don't arrive in time for longer sailing trips.

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  • In response to those suggesting different apps for Sailing, I cycle, run and race a Laser sailing dinghy. I want to record all my activities under one app. I don't want to waste valuable storage on my phone for individual apps for every type of activity.

    Sailing aLaser is definitely NOT relaxing on the deck of a yacht!

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  • I race catamarans... So being able to track my races on Strava is nice. It ain't exactly an 80bpm activity. :). Would be nicer to be able to compare stats post-race like we do on bikes.

    For now, I just put it down as kayaking... But I dont know many kayakers doing 20-30kts... I was "yelled" at by someone that I was distorting stats, but... (a) there's no sailing, and (b) who cares?

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