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    Hi Ray, we do have cadence data in the mobile app. Can you be more specific with your feedback? Thanks.

  • Hello! I have Wahoo RPM speed and cadence sensor(2 separate sensors), both of them are working properly in the Wahoo fitness app. It's unclear how should I pair both of them to Strava. I tried to toggle on the "Bluetooth sensors", and the "Speed & cadence". Under "Speed & cadence" it shows "connected", but in the record screen the cadence value is always zero.

    I tried to turn on both the "Speed & cadence" and "Cadence" under "Manage sensors" section, but only the "Speed & cadence" will show as "connected".

  • Shawn - Strava does not support speed sensors, so best to only pair the cadence sensor. 

  • I think Ray meant that Strava for iPhone 5s and later should record your steps/stride rate? This would be nice. Runkeeper does it.

  • how do we view cadence in the app after its synced... i can see it on web but doesn't seem available after the activity is saved and synced.

    i see power (watts), speed, elevation but no cadence...

    open my eyes for me please ELle.


  • how do we view cadence in the app after its synced... i can see it on web but doesn't seem available after the activity is saved and synced.

    i see power (watts), speed, elevation but no cadence...

  • I agree with the comments of Roger, Roberto and Ray - I can see cadence info on the Web but not via the App. I'm using an iphone 5 so would love some instructions please Elle. I use a Wahoo Tickr X for indoor cycling and then Sync from Wahoo Fitness to Map My Ride (MMR) and Strava.  The MMR App shows cadence clearly, but not Strava. In fact it seems MMR is more functionally rich and supports more sports, so I may move my premium membership over there soon. 

  • When I attempt to pair my Wahoo S&C sensor nothing is showing up, not even cadence. I paid a subscription and can't even get a cadence reading. I really don't want to run multiple apps to get a cadence reading. What can I do to get the sensor paired? 

  • As smart trainers become more common, the rides they generate are data and not segment rich. Reviewing such a ride on the iPhone is almost empty, since no map, segment, cadence or elevation. This could be identified as a trainer ride and more data and analysis provided. Strava is such a great place to review this data, post ride; once the pain has gone. The data is there, on the website but not on the iPhone. Strava is second to none for an outside road ride - segments, KOM and great data analysis but it is falling behind the trainer market - we spend a lot of time on the turbo or smart trainer in the winter - please support these activities better. Thanks.

  • Hi,
    I can't find cadence in my mobile Strava app (android) for either a stationary bike session or a road outdoor cycle. I am recording cadence and syncing from Garmin, and the cadence shows up on the website, but not in mobile app. It would easily fit next to the elevation, speed, and heart rate tabs. It would be more useful than elevation for a turbo trainer session. :-)
    Thanks, JD

  • @Jason, that is correct - we don't yet show Cadence data on mobile. It's on our list. 

    @Rich, please make sure the cadence sensor is added under "Speed & Cadence" and see these troubleshooting steps for more assistance. 

  • I just put a Garmin Cadence Sensor on my left pedal and already have a Garmin Speed Sensor on the rear hub.  My IPhone 6 is not picking up either with both the cadence and speed and cadence turned on to detect.  Can you advise what I can do?

  • +1 for adding cadence summary/average in the Iphone app when ending your ride.

    For me it is important data to analyse after a ride just like heart rate, now I am forced to view data on my computer instead of the convenience of an app.

  • @Tim: I just got me a cadence & speed sensor and I already have a heart rate sensor.

    My Iphone 6s recognises the heart rate sensor immediately but keeps searching for the cadence & speed sensor. However, when I started riding the app immediately showed the cadence information.

    Turns out, my cadence & speed sensor has a sleeping mode after no activity.

  • @Tim: Garmin Sensors provide their signal via ANT+ and your iPhone does not support/receive ANT+ signals ;)

  • Elle.

    Do a ride on a trainer with cadence, speed, power sensors - everything but GPS and map data. The data regarding cadence is missing in the iOS app but visible on the website.

    Please keep ahead with the trainer market - we all speed hours and hours in the 'off season' on these damned torture machines. Having a data rich feed in iOS for trainer rides would be fantastic!

  • Cadence has long been vital data of cycling, particularly among newer riders leaning how to increase speed and power. It is 2017. It's good data on the website but is an immediate feedback process of data. It has to be on the app!! Lease catch up with the times.

    Please. Cadence on the app!! Priority #1. Seems like an easy fix.

  • +1 for adding cadence summary/average in the Iphone app when ending your activity, this goes for running cadence, riding cadence and ROWING cadence.

    It is actually a very important metric to see, especially when looking at data from a segment.

    As a rower to get cadence onto Strava is not easy, I must record my row on an app such as CrewNerd (not free), then email this workout to Rowsandall.com where it can then be imported into Strava. Only being able to see cadence on a PC or awkwardly on Safari makes it all even harder. Please add the data to the app, it would be great to have an additional graph to show this as well.

  • +1

  • +1 for adding cadence in the mobile app (iPhone and riding is my first priority, Android and / or running would be nice too).  Thanks!

  • Please add cadence to the mobile app

  • +1 on Cadence data on Mobile App after synced.

  • A big +1 for me as well.

    Surely it can’t be that hard if HR etc are available to view on the app.

  • +1 for me too please!

  • Please add average cadence to the ride summary on mobile.

    Please add cadence and power data got he ride summary graph that plots speed, elevation and HR along the length of ride. (In mobile app)

    Please also add the fitness and freshness metrics on Strava mobile.

    I pay for Strava premium and would like to have these premium features available.

    Thank you.

  • So @Elle says in the top reply that cadence is supported in app. but then in Nov. ‘16 that it isn’t in the app and is their top priorities. That’s been 1 and a half years ago where is cadence in the mobile app? Come on!!!!

  • Do strava do a software roadmap?

    we need to know when these features are going to be implemented. 

    This cadence data on the main screen would be pretty high up on my list. 

    We also need notifications when someone you follow beats you on a segment. 

  • +1 for cadence graph in app for past rides PLEASE LETS GET ON IT

  • Still no cadence data in the mobile app?  Why not?  Come on guys, this is important

    indoor training on Tacx Neo and Zwift following workouts: you’re three main interests are cadence, power and HR

    So when you stop, grab a beer, the data uploads into Strava where you can add your photos, comments and run through the data - but you can’t see how your power requirements per pedal stroke go down as cadence increases, nor can you see the link between HR and high/low cadence etc.  

    Sure you can leave your cave and get a shower back in the house and look it over on the desktop, and then get changed again and back on the bike and do another session, but that’s not how we’d like to work

    Please please please show the cadence graph on the mobile app so I can study it after a workout and climb back on board, rather than needing to access a web browser. 

    ‘You know it makes sense.  Why the delay?

  • They never answer.
    Not even to say no.
    I’ve cancelled my subscription.
    I’ll still use the free version and won’t expect anything from a free app, rather than demand the simplest of things be done because I’m a paying customer.

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