Openstreetmap and the Sustrans Cycle network UK

Besides the move from Google to open being awful anyway, I'm finding that route building to be extremely haphazard and incorporating any of the off-road sustrans bike paths causes this sort of behaviour:

Now I know that at Google they made sure that these worked with the route planner most of the time and even updates to the infrastructure would be changed upon reporting to google within a few hours. Welsh place names are normally spelled incorrectly or if a place doesn't have a Welsh place name they are invented and applied with the true name (normally English) removed entirely making the route and activity searches I used to love quite haphazard unless I already know the bonkers term that some DIY nutter has used for a given place.

Regarding the route planner, this is route 4:


You cannot join the cycle path as the bridge which is clear on the map cannot accept route planning. Lovely.

Given that most of the UK's cycle network uses Google and updates google itself when a route is amended or added, that Openstreetmap takes forever (or never) to follow suit? Openstreetmap is a disaster for UK strava users. Can we please revert or can you dedicate staff to fixing Open Street Map's incompativility with the UK's Sustrans cycle network?



  • Google is no bed of roses for UK mapping either.  It has no understanding of Public rights of way or lack there of, BOATs, restricted byways, permissive paths or bridleways.  Some are suitable for road bikes and others definitively should be avoided. 

    There's some stretches of road near me which Strava now refuses to route down, I can't figure out why as the underlying OSM data seems fine. And yes, it's part of the NCN. 

    Other cycle routing apps do route based on OSM, so it would seem to be a Strava specific issue.


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