Wahoo RPM Speed & Cadence pairing

I got the Wahoo RPM Speed & Cadence Combo - 2 separate sensor pods. It's unclear how should I pair them with Strava. I tested them in Wahoo fitness app, both are functioning without any problem.

However when they are paired with Strava, I get 0 cadence value on the record screen . 

Here is what I did:

I toggled on the "Bluetooth sensors", then the "Speed & cadence" under "Manage sensors". It shows "connected". No reading of cadence.

I tried to turn on both the "Speed & cadence" and "Cadence" under "Manage sensors" section, only the "Speed & cadence" will show as "connected".



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    I've created a new help article for this discussion, please join in. 

  • Same for me...yet if I use the native Wahoo app, I can export to Strava the cadence as well as the rest of the data.  

  • You should be able to use the Strava app to record cadence, but the app will default to speed calculated by GPS. 

    However, many users with Wahoo accessories find it easier to use the Wahoo app to record, then sync with Strava like @Tom does. 

    @Shawn, I'll have one our our reps get back to you with additional troubleshooting. 

  • I'm experiencing the same problem. Can't seem to connect either the speed nor the rpm sensor.

  • Please let me know if there has been any solution for this topic.

    I'm facing the same issues trying to connect my Wahoo RPM Speed & Cadence Combo with Strava.

    It shows a device has been found when activating the "Speed and Cadence" slider in Strava, but no data are recorded. When activating the "Cadence" slider even nothing happens (no search is starting).

    I'm a bitconfused because Wahoo is listing Strava as a supported app.

  • Same for me. Neither seems to really work.

    They come up in the linked sensor overview, and show data that they are producing, but the app does not seem to pick them up and work with the data.


    Any news on this?


    Thank you

  • If you are having trouble recording cadence data, please submit a ticket for further troubleshooting with our tech team. Thanks! 

  • While using another app to record data before uploading to Strava will work, that prevents the use of Strava features like Live Segments.

    Can I file an enhancement request so that the speed calculation can be configurable?

    Using the BTLE sensor to calculate speed could i) reduce draw on the device battery (iPhone in my case) and ii) reduce on cellular data consumption. I think any device user would appreciate those savings.

  • I have the same issue with the wahoo speed and cadence. I would prefer to use the Strava app and not use the Wahoo apps as I do load routes. It seems from this message board there is enough need for an enhancement to the app. Map my ride can accommodate this feature but I also have the apple watch and like that I can use the heart rate on the watch and not have to remember to put my strap on my chest.

  • I think the problem is that the sensors are both classified as "speed+cadence" while they really are seperate devices only supporting either function, and Strava (sensibly enough) only supports one speed+cadence sensor at a time.

    I tried using the sensors with VeloPal, which supports both speed+cadence, speed, and cadence sensors. None of them will pair as speed or cadence sensors, both only want to pair as speed+cadence, which also VeloPal only support one at a time. It seems the problem is the same for Strava. If you want to use the cadence sensor, try to remove the speed sensor, then at least you should get cadence data. I guess we can trash the speed sensor :-(

    I've tried to contact Wahoo support about the issue but they just tell you to use their dumb "bike computer" Wahoo Fitness app. I bought the sensors specifically because I read that Wahoo worked well with 3rd party apps, so I'm not really happy with this situation... Might just end up buying a Garmin Edge 820.

  • Following this in hopes for a fix coming soon. 

  • Following this too as I think this will cause me to cancel my Strava subscription. GPS speed calculation is notoriously unreliable so I'll have to use another app. 

  • I have the same issue - would be nice if Wahoo and Strava can work together at this issue.

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