Ability to trim section from *middle* of ride

I like that Strava offers method to trim start or end of ride, which is especially useful if you forget to turn it off when getting to your car.


Unfortunately, many of my rides include public transit (bus, ferry) and I sometimes forget to stop recording data in the middle of my ride.  Please allow me to crop the middle from my ride, or at least split a ride into two rides and I can trim the start and end.

This idea would work well in concert with my other idea to show dashed line or other visual for dis-contiguous sections of ride.  This might be a great scoped sprint for your development team to take on - the two changes solving a real problem together.






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    Thanks for the feedback on cropping data from the middle of your ride - it's very true that the current crop tool only allows you to trim data from the beginning or end. 

    In the meantime, one solution is to split the activity into two (or more) parts, then use the crop tool to trim away the unwanted part from the beginning or end of the new activity. 

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  • If anyone is listening... please, please, this!

    My current way to do this takes up to 10 minutes, and works like this:

    1. Export the ride as a GPX (because the data is human-readable this way)

    2. Open the file in a text editor, and remove a couple of GPS samples from the beginning of the ride and change the ride timestamp. This prevents Strava from matching it to the other ride and flagging as a duplicate during upload.

    3. Upload the new file and crop the end off of one ride and the beginning off of another. Which I choose depends on which ride care less about my power data for (because exporting as GPX strips the power data, which is its own issue).

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  • I have not done this yet, but I believe Strava allows you to break a ride into three pieces. You should then be able to delete the middle piece. 

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  • I'd very much like to remove the GPS error section from this ride of mine https://www.strava.com/activities/569954634. Tim Erickson can you point me to the tools in Strava that allows me to break my ride into three? Thanks!

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  • Is it possible to crop laps within a ride?  

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  • I want to open this thread up again because this problem still exists.

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  • It would be very nice for the Crop tool to have the ability to crop data from the middle of one's ride. I hope the Strava team is working on this. Thanks!

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  • Not sure why Chuck Edwall didn't mention it, but you can use the Download GPX method to manually edit your activity any way you like, including removing arbitrary sections within an activity.

    1. Download GPX file

    2. Back up original GPX file (just in case it gets messed up) and open original GPX file with text editor

    3. Remove track points entries (items surrounded by <trkpt> tags) that contain "bad" data. For example, you may be able to identify them by time or looking for those whose <candence> data is 0. (This may vary from activity type and recording equipment used.)

    4.Save the edited GPX file

    5. Delete original activity from Strava and upload the edited GPX file. (Activity will be detected as duplicate if original if not deleted.) 

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  • It would be great if Strava could recognize hyperspace jumps on the GPS log.   They are obvious because they are straight lines at high speed, and easily contrast to the remainder of a ride.    Then, suggest to remove these jumps, and let the user tune the endpoints, the way the beginning- or -end point crop works now.  


    Example 1: 


    Example 2:


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  • I came upon these hyperspace jumps after using a web tool to combine multiple GPX files arising from a fragmented ride. Short story: Apple Watch died & switched over to iPhone.

    So, the trick is to figure out which of the files has the bad data.

    In my case it was the LAST GPS trackpoint in the FIRST file, which you can recognize because of sudden time jumps (eg 2.59pm to 4.00pm). It turned out when I recharged my Apple Watch and checked the Rides on the watch, it must have momentarily recorded one last split second before uploading to the iPhone, possibly explaining the hyperspace jump.

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  • Agreed on the ability to better-use an entire event by the removal of minor toggle-error.  It only would provide better control to those users who understand and respect the structure as it stands; sure it could enable an initial (engineered) distance with extended-stats not in real time but, that would be information clearly visible.

    Otherwise the ability to have this a edit would keep tidy the Strava experience - which is pretty cool as it is.




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