Stats - please show (a lot) more!!

Dear Strava,

For a fitness app the amount of historical stats (& even recent ones) that I am quickly able to access are almost non-existent!  The number of parameters that could be shown are huge, but simply some top tens would be really useful (& interesting!).  Things such as:

  • max speed / pace
  • max HR
  • most KOMs held (& I'd love a historic list of ones I've held and lost)
  • year by year side by side comparisons of everything!
  • longest rides (a top 10 list, not a single reference)

How about the ability to track other metrics, such as weight and waist!  This would be very useful and motivational!




  • I really don't understand why we can see more, especially our own results! What was my second best 5k?
    I've been premium for 3 years and so disappointed this hasn't been addressed. I've heard Nike app has it really well shown so you can compare your old results...

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  • Have a look at

    He plugs in to Strava using the API and has loads of charts and graphs for you to compare. I spend just as much time on there as I do on Strava.

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  • Oooh, thanks for that link, Hedley.

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  • Thanks for the link Hedley, that's interesting. But it doesn't show the Nth best records and the date when it was done.

    I won't upgrade to premium until strava catches up to endomondo and runkeeper stats-wise (and until they lower the price to 20$/year)

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  • Hi Strava and All,

    Firstly - thanks for the links to Jonathan's sites that does some of the things that Strava is missing.  I have also tried other sites such as Veloviewer, but I want these functions in Strava!

    It has been >1 year since I started this thread..., in that time we have had zero additional stats (that I am aware of).  In the intermits we have additional support for hula hoop dancing and Icelandic volcanic rock hopping, but nothing to allow an athlete (beginner/intermediate/advances) to actually track progress!  For a fitness app Strava is sorely lacking.

    I actually want to give Strava my money, I am even considering subscribing (something unheard of! I would rather a one off payment), however, I am continually frustrated that the most basic stats are lacking.

    I have come back to this thread today as I signed up again this month to the monthly cycling distance challenge.  Last month I finished mid-way down the leaderboard, but how did I really fare?  I wanted to see the distance distribution, but no!  All I can see is km behind the leader.  What use is that?  None!  But if I knew I was in there 20% percentile, etc., it would be much more motivational and useful as a training aide.

    I really feel that Strave needs to focus on its core functions before branching out and spreading too thinly into other areas.  It is becoming more of a social app and less of a training app.

    Please Strava - give us some stats!!


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