Will you update Slide tool to later versions of iD

The Slide tool integrated into the iD OSM editor has been super useful for me to edit bike paths and off-road tracks.

Unfortunately it has fallen behind iD, which has implemented many changes (e.g. using right-clicking, translations).

would you please integrate it into newer versions of iD?




  • Hi Strava

    In addition, the id editor has now lost the functionality to use the Heatmap overlay as a basis for editing/comparison.

    This was a fantastic tool for us local level advocacy groups, as we would use it as a comparative to discover missing links to create formal new bike trails and influence the local authorities around us to improve the infrastructure

    It was also great to make sure that openstreetmap tracks were mapped accurately, (existing and adding new trails) which benefits your routing enormously

    You recent security enhancements mean that Paul Machs integration into the id Editior and the Slide tool cant be accessed any more as the fork of iD used does not have a mechanism for you to login to strava

    I fully appreciate that Paul has moved on, but this tool is to useful to lose...is anyone else in Labs able to tweak this perhaps?



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  • Interesting question, especially since you need to connect to see the detailed heatmap, knowing that you can't connect in iD....

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  • Updating Strava's iD at https://strava.github.io/iD/ is now useless as heatmap max zoom level is 12.

    This makes it unusable for OSM mapping.

    By the way I would like to thank all of these people sharing activities around their top secret bases.

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  • I agree, the loss of the slide/id/heatmap interface is a big disappointment for osm mappers. Although I've yet to see any osm map edits/corrections translate into more accurate routing, which seems to be linked to a fixed point in the osm dataset, for my area at least.

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  • Any updates on this subject? The heat map with Slide was super useful for mapping new trails. Will we ever see it again or did the military base issue ruin it for all?

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  • You can trace the Strava heatmap at Zoom 16, in iD, using this custom map type: 

    You will need to be logged into Strava heatmap to have access to /tiles-auth/. Login to the heatmap in one tab, then open osm in another. 

    I too miss using Strava Slide to add and edit hiking trails. It made way more accurate paths than I can by hand, and it took less time.

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