.gpx file of run not counted in Run Climbing Challenge


I thought the elevation gain in a run I did was wrong, so I saved a .gpx of the run, then selected the "correct elevation" tab on the run while it was displayed on Strava.  Still feeling like the elevation data was incorrect, I deleted the original run and then reloaded the .gpx of the same run.  It appears that the run is not being calculated as part of my total gain for the month.  

I'm not really worried about placing, more about accuracy.  If this is how the challenge tabulates mileage or gain, then I'll refrain from making this same mistake again.



Glenn Ohler




  • I had the same issue recently. I suspect (in my case) my average pace was slightly too low to "count" for that run. I'm not a fast runner but I'm trying to improve and hills are supposed to help with my overall fitness. IF the pace threshold is 10min/km I was just over that but GAP paces were significantly below. I won't be getting any KOMs anytime soon but I'm not sure the current metrics give me (and people like me) credit for trying..

    Apologies if this wasn't the same as your issue, Glenn. I agree it would be nice to know which runs don't count (for whatever reason!).

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