Strava keeps crashing on Oneplus 3


Oneplus 3, Android 8.0.0, Oxygen 5.0.1

Strava runs OK for a few minutes (just tested and got just over 8 mins) and then shuts down. On a restart I get informed it's recovered from an error. It happens every time. As far as I can see all the background power saving settings are disabled. 

Not much use and I'm not getting my money's-worth from Premium either!!




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    Hi Folks, 

    There's an issue we've been investigating with OnePlus phones using the OxygenOS where our app is killed when it’s in the background for a while. The operating system has a daemon called `BgDetect` that appears to kill backgrounded processes that it thinks are using ‘too much’ CPU. You could try these tips below, but at this point, there is no confirmed fix:

    • Run Strava and start a recording.
    • Go to the home screen by touching the middle button.
    • On the home screen touch the right button which will bring the recent app or background app list.
    • Scroll to Strava but don't touch it (or else it will come back to the foreground). If it does come back to foreground repeat steps above.
    • There is a small lock icon on the Strava app. Click it to lock it. The default seems to be unlocked.
    • Now Oxygen Os will not close this app and will allow it to run in the background.

    I hope this helps! 

  • I have had the same issue for some time now. Am using version 41.0.0 on Android 8.1.0. The whole app seems to stop working midway and continues first after it has been re-opened. I have informed Strava support but they weren't able to fix this yet.

  • Was this issue resolved? I am facing same error on my one plus 5T. 

  • same problem for me, also with Oneplus 3 and Android 8

    i had Stravas batterie Saving on off

    i have resetted the gps/agps with the app gpstest bevor i start a run

    i reset the phone bevore i start a run

    nothing helps!

  • I have the same problem

    I had a look at GPS related recommendation & applied them

    2 out of 3 recording crash and mostly don't recover

    too bad, guess I will have quit use this app.

  • I experience similar, but more random, less often and perhaps more related to when the app auto-pauses.

  • Yep, same for me. (Strava used to work fine, no issues with any other apps.) It's been like this for a few months now. I really like Strava, but I'm going to have to switch to another service as it's completely nonfunctional.

  • Same for me. It just happens after a bit more than an hour.

    Device Nokia 8, software the latest available.

  • I have exactly the same problem on the very same phone!

    Has anyone got any ideas where the problem is and how to fix it, please?

  • Exactly the same issue with the same phone... Out of 5 trials only once the recording completed fully... It usually stops before and recovers from an error...

    Android 8, oxygen OS 5.0.1

    It was working fine à year ago...

  • Here the solution from strava support (works fpor me):


    Hi Andreas,

    Thanks for your message. Unfortunately this is a known issue with this phone manufacturer; your device is restricting background processes and closing the Strava app as a result.

    Can you try the following steps and let me know if they help?

    1. Run Strava and start a recording
    2. Go to your home screen by tapping the middle button
    3. On the home screen tap the right button to bring up the recent app or background app list.
    4. Scroll to Strava but don't tap it or else it will come back to foreground. If it does come back to foreground repeat the steps above
    5. There should be a small lock icon on the Strava app. Tap it to lock it.
    6. Proceed with your recording

    Strava Support Team
  • Same for me. Clearly an issue with Android 8, but is there anyway of finding out if Strava are doing anything about this?


  • I've got similar issues with my android phone. Everything was working fine until my wife and I got new phones (Nokia 6.1 - new 2018 version). We've each had rides fail with that same message, and we've had some rides work just fine. I've also tried Wahoo apps and they also crash sometimes and don't record the complete ride. With multiple apps crashing in a similar way it seems like a larger issue with the phone/OS.

    I've also turned off battery optimization for the apps, reset my location settings by turning them completely off then on and toggling the location permission for the apps individually. I still get inconsistent behavior; sometimes it fails to record, sometimes it works.

    Android 8.1.0

  • Hate this app now. Tried on 2 phones. Always crashes and reports recovering from the error. Not good enough!


  • No small lock icon on my Strava app. Nokia 6 with Android Oreo. Maybe the lock icon is a onepluss thing?

  • You have no lock symbol in the taskmanager?I dont know if its only on oneplus phones.

  • Same behavior on my Nokia 8, the crashes started after android updated to 8.1.0

  • Still not working despite the lock icon solution.
    Strava is now a serious waste of time for me. Trouble is I've got 5 years of data stored.
    Not sure why they can't fix this, but I'll wait another month then I'm gone

  • Same issue. Crashing app, straight line route connection between crash and restart, which decreases average speed, etc. etc.

    Hey folks at Strava -
    I'm sure you realize there's a sizeable community of Strava users experiencing this issue, a bit of communication regarding your attention to this matter could go a long way!

  • I had this issue on a Honor 10 so it went back, now I'm having the same issue on a Nokia 7 Plus. I have tried all of the suggestions in this and on other threads and still have this issue. Should I assume Strava are working on an imminent fix or try a third phone make? Very frustrating!

  • I've resorted to keeping the screen on all the time, chews through the battery but seems to keep it 'alive'. Also possibly helpful is keeping something else that uses GPS live at the same time (like google maps for instance).

    Could just be luck though, the problem was always intermittent.


    Meanwhile, I'm never going to pay for a sub until Strava chimes in here with some kind of acknowledgement and even better, some kind of progress report ...

  • Agree with Lugs. The lack of updates from Strava on this matter is shocking. It's like they don't care...

  • Lugs I have the same feedback. Mine seems to stay active if I keep the screen open, but like you say it eats the battery. I reported this to Strava but they seem to be ignoring me after telling me what settings to try. I get the feeling they already know what they're suggesting isn't going to work.

    Has anybody tried another cycling App like Endomondo to see if that shuts down? I'll try that next time if I remember.

  • The answer of Andreas Z. Works perfectly
    Thank you!

  • Is everybody who has this fault offline whilst out riding? If they have added some kind of online reporting or spyware and it is breaking the app, that would explain why it is looking for a connection on reboot.

    Also, did you know that messages get censored on here, so what you are reading is not a real sense of how many people have the same faults? Log out and reload the topic from the Feedback Menu to check if your messages show up.

  • The answer of Andreas Z. seem to work for me too
    Thank you!

  • I have the same issue, I think it's to do with the newest android OS where it cuts apps that use the GPS to try save battery. I have the same issue with my fitbit tracker.

  • Same issue, going to try the lock fix and I'll report back tomorrow.

  •  Andreas Z solution 100% works for me. I've had two complete recordings now after constant crashing before using this fix.

  • I don't have the lock symbol either.  Constant crashing, to "Strava has recovered from a problem and has resumed your recording".... I press OK, and it crashes again, unresponsive interface.

    I've cleared the app cache, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app, nothing works.

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