Are all old Instagram activity photos gone for good?

I'm aware that the services aren't linked anymore, but I had hoped that Strava would do something on their end so that we didn't lose every picture on every activity up to this point. 

All of my activities are just full of blank photos now. Is this a bug, or is it intended behavior? This is really disappointing. 



  • Yeah, this is a huge letdown. I started uploading photos manually as soon as I read the mail from Strava that they were going to end sync support, but I did not expect to lose hundreds of activity photos either :( Of course I have them on Instagram (and on my own phone/backup), but I enjoyed going back to the activities and seeing the photos I have made during them on Strava...

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  • Really disappointed about this too. I understand it's more to do with changes on the instagram side, but Strava, please reinstate this functionality somehow!  

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