Route builder map mismatch

It seems that the Route Builder map does not use the same map as used for the routing. There is a large mismatch between the routing and the map shown. See the screenshot. The maps for visualization and routing should be matched.




  • I’ll second this. Specifically, the map used for actual routing seems to contain more detail (e.g. shows smaller trails that the builder does not). Even if a shown trail is not routable (I know that the map layer is only visualization), having it show of course makes it much easier to plot in manual mode. 

    So ideally, the route builder should use the same visualization layer as the actual routing map does. Any chance of this changing soon Strava?


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  • There's a bunch of posts on this topic including:

    Open Streeet Map is continuously being editted, from minor tweaks to major mappiong exercises in areas of humanitarian disaster (HOTOSM). At one point every edit of OSM appeared on the visible map for Strava, but (I think) this has been changed to once a quarter (I read somewhere). The routing uses another map/dataset, which I think is based on a OSM data from a fixed point in time. In two years I've never seen evidence that this has updated for my areas. The consequence of this is that mapping on OSM has not recently impacted on the strava routing and because the visualisation map is changing and the routing map is not, the two bear less and less resemblance to each other as time goes by, and the route builder looks less and less functional as a result.

    Unfortunately, the map error reporting on Strava implies that these edits help improve the routing map and, furthermore, the Strava Labs Routing Error map is covered in green flags indicating that a routing error has been fixed. However, I've only ever seen this result in an edit of the OSM map and not the routing map.

    This is my interpretation of observations and reading other posts and I would be delighted if someone from Strava would provide a more accurate explanation of the process and any idea of whether there is a "fix" coming at any point!



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  • Over the last couple of years I've been an OSM contributor and have been frustrated that OSM edits did not translate into improved routing. I have just noticed that, for my area, there has been an update of the routing map so that routing works along "all" of the edits I've been keeping an eye on.

    Strava is not the only OSM based application I use, but Strava routing was why I first started editing, It's nice to see my contributions actually improving routing now...

    Thank you Strava!

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  • Yes, also here in the Netherlands the routing map seems to be updated. The example in the top post has been fixed now :). 

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