Festive 500 Privacy Settings and Acknowledgment of KMS Failure

This is my third #Festive500 in a row. It has become a tradition for me and also for my family because all the support they give me to be able to put on the kms during this family-social packed days.

At some point this year I decided to change my privacy settings to "followers"... and just kept riding, subscribed to the Festive500 Challenge and (I think this is the most important issue) NEVER received an alert saying something like "hey, you won't be able to add those kms to the challenge progress if you're in the "followers" setting."

I've read the help articles and done some things, I've changed again my privacy settings to "everyone", I've left the Challenge and subscribed again to it and still, nothing happened... the only kms acknowledged are the ones I rode today.

I think it's ridiculous no to be able to retro-feed the kms ridden. I really need @strava's help. 

Like my wife wisely said "you know you're riding it for you and that's what it counts"... but, if possible.





  • Yep I'm in a similar boat - expect the usual zero help from Strava. I've ditched premium, summit, everest call it what they will. This is the most unhelpful customer experience of all time. They don't adapt their pretty basic software to the needs of customers...next stop Ride With GPS????

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  • You can change the privacy level of each individual ride to everyone by using the ride editing function.

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