What happened to "points in red"?

What happened to the "points in red" feature? I just noticed that it's no longer there. I'm a summit-level member and I always use a HRM. Is this another in a long line of useful features that Strava has decided to drop? Or has it moved from the heart rate page? Thanks in advance!



  • agree - i noticed this was removed as well.  Just happened to install the Strava Score app on my Garmin 235 yesterday to gauge training score and be able to dial it in 'live'... however I had read the 'in red' bonus score add in was a bit messed up... so I get to ~160 'Relative Score' on watch face for a good treadmill workout.  Save it... check workout on Strava and only 130, and now today I notice on website that the 'in red' is gone.  Likely watch app wasn't updated to this new removed 'red' calc. ?? 

    They must have removed it as it is redundant to the bar graphs/chart.  Its clear enough what % is in zone 4-5 

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  • Another annoyed summit customer. Going to open a support ticket.

    It is just a interface choice by Strava. The points in red number is still present when retrieving the activity data using their API. 

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  • Feedback from the support ticket:

    "We are making some updates to Relative Effort and points in the red is no longer a part of this feature. I'll be sure to pass along your feedback. "

    And its gone :(

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