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Strava app is no longer receiving workouts from Jabra Sport LIfe app. Are there any articles for troubleshooting this issue?



  • I have the same problem, works for endomondo, but difficult to find any information about this integration.

  • I have the same problem.  Any comment from the devs?

  • I contacted Jabra with no success. Was advised to contact my phone's manufacturer (Samsung). I think this is poor advice, as it's not up to the device manufacturer to support the phone's OS (Android), nor support/troubleshoot third-party applications (Jabra integration with Strava).

  • I've been through a whole fault finding thing with Jabra.  They got me to try lots of different fixes, but so far haven't managed to solve the issue.

  • Jabra just emailed me to say they're still looking into my case and expect to have more information later this week.  I'll post when I hear something.

  • I tried several things with Jabra Team but it does not fix the issue. I install the Jabra App on two phones and it is the same result - It works with endomondo but not Strava.

    I am almost sure now the issue is more on Strava side

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