Feature activity type additions - Volunteering and skateboarding

For most of the sports that strava is concerned with there are volunteers that run the organized race or group activity behind it. Volunteers runs amateur bike racing, running races, swim meats, tri's and so many other communities. Strava should include that in its activity to reward people for their philanthropic giving (call it race/event volunteer or something). I am not saying that this will save bike racing on a local level but showing other riders that there is a volunteer on the other side of the tape making it happen will at least give people some kudos and appreciation for their efforts. 

Also, Strava, skateboarding is not a crime, you have inline skating (you just dated yourself BTW)  and yet you don't have skateboarding as an activity. Oh and BTW you are based in one of the skate meca's of the US, San Francisco.   Strava mgmt., Take the spandex off and take a skate (and put in as one of the activities) 




  • I would like to see electric skateboard as another option.

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