assign more than one pair of shoes to a run

It's very common for a run at the track to include a few pairs of shoes -- you want to warm up and cool down in trainers, but your hard effort is in flats or spikes, sometimes both. It all feels like "the same run", so I want to be able to make it one event and not spam my feed, but also keep track of exactly how much distance is going on each pair of shoes so I know when to retire them.

I think a nice way to do this from a UI perspective would be to have an "add additional gear" button in the event edit screen, which would let you select from a drop down of other gear you have listed and then present you with a slider bar with a pair of knobs on it to pick the section of the run to assign to that pair of shoes (like used in the UI for making a segment).

I would love this feature. Right now, instead, I have a post-it note with the delta for how many miles I've recorded on my trainers that are *actually* on my flats. It's enough of a pain that it makes me not want to use my flats, which sucks.

I'm more of a runner than a cyclist, so I don't know if it would make sense to have a similar thing for multiple bikes in one ride.



  • You can log your run as mutliple activities and assign different shoes to each, but then they are separate activities, I think it would be interesting to have a way to join more than one activity into a group, like separate activities for a triathlete, or multiple days on a touring ride.


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  • Yeah, for sure. Breaking the event into multiple events every time you change shoes or bike or whatever is the obvious work around, but I don't like doing it. Just practically, I usually record my runs on a Garmin watch and I like to see the stats it gathers about the whole run, not just since the most recent time I changed shoes -- I want to know how long to cool down, or how much I've run that run, etc. This reflects the problem in the abstraction: right now Strava assumes that one logical "run" has exactly one set of gear associate with it, but that's not the case.

    Grouping multiple activities into one meta-activity is also an interesting idea, but I think it speaks to a different problem in the abstraction. A multi-day tour should, in some sense, be multiple activities grouped together in some way, but each of them are likely on the same bike -- the gear doesn't change.

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