Flybys using "Your Recent Efforts"

It would be very interesting to visually compare your previous performances with each other.

You could also have the "Time Ahead" graph with your previous efforts shown.

Each dot would carry a date as its identifier, and clicking on it would take you to that effort.

You could really see where you gained and lost, and tune your pacing strategy.

The waves of improvement you can see is really nice, but where you improve is also an interesting point of comparison.



  • PS: You see some doubled workouts there. I did not upload twice. That's a bug.

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  • I was just thinking that this would be an awesome idea, having beaten my previous time on completing the Yorkshire 3 peaks by 2.25 hours, I would love to see the places where I really took off and the sections that slowed me down. Seeing a visual on this using the flyby would be really useful

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