Problem: e-cyclist training falls into the club’s leaderboard stats

When administering the bicycle club, we (club admins) encountered the following problem: electric cyclists fall into the general rating table.

Why we consider this a problem: because we have a club for athletes on classic bicycles that are driven exclusively by the muscular strength of the legs, without the help of various kinds of auxiliary devices such as electric motors or other types of engines. 

This situation unfair: while other athletes ride classic bicycles and spend much more effort to get on the first line of the weekly rating, electric cyclists have a fraudulent advantage.

From Support: "At this time, e-bike rides are included in club leaderboard stats, and there is no option in the club settings to exclude e-bike activities".

We would like to be able to more flexibly customize the type of club so that there is no mixing of ordinary cycle bikers and electric bikes.



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