Strava Syncing

I use VeryFitPro to track my workouts from the fitness watch. I decided to try and VeryFitPro to Strava through the Third-Party Program option in VeryFitPro. I logged into Strava and approved the data sharing permissions.

However, my data is syncing over between the two apps. Over the past two days, I sync to VeryFitPro but see nothing in Strava. Can anyone help me resolve this issue? Thanks!



  • I have been using Strava for years and paying for the enhanced version for many of those years.    I have been all in on Strava as my main app and all other apps and devices were chosen specifically because they worked with Strava. I recently stopped my automatic renewal because it appears that Strava has decided to limit direct syncing with some wearable devices. I have years of data that I am now going to walk away from. As of 10/28/19 Strava announced they would soon stop direct Bluetooth and ANT+ pairing because supposedly it had a glitch, this is is such a pitiful excuse to curtail syncing with devices.  Instead simply fix the supposed bug, don't make millions of customers deal with reduced functionality or have to buy new watches, gps trackers, heart rate monitors, etc.  I specifically bought a FItbit and other products because they were previously supported by Strava to sync. I have several heart rate monitors and a Fitbit, etc. wish I had known they were going to stop supporting syncing, it is so 2010 to have devices that won't sync to an app.  I am assuming that this is money grab in some way, so that we will be forced to buy new Strava devices that they get a kickback for, I am just going to switch tracking apps instead.  So disappointed.

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  • Thanks Philip Conn 

    first post i have found that clarifies my issue, not nice from strava but i wish the manufacture of my watch had also updated that their product information as it is no longer compatible with strava


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