Separate Achievement Tracking for Different Bikes

I track four radically different bikes in my Strava gear, namely:

1. a BMX racing bike (20 lbs)
2. a long-tail cargo bike (60 to 220 lbs, depending on what or who I am hauling)
3. a vintage road bike (23 lbs)
4. a 7-year-old on BMX racing bike (11.8 lbs), accompanied by me on #1 or #2 above

It would be great if my "achievements" were separate for each bike. Bike #3 sees about 3% of my miles but can easily obliterate the far more relevant and interesting achievements/progress that bikes #1 (51% of miles tracked to date) and #4 (14%) may be making.

I assume there's no current way to do this (other than riding with four separate Strava accounts), but it's something I would definitely upgrade to Summit for (I can't say that any of Summit's other features are especially compelling for me).

Thanks for reading!



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