Cat eye strava upload problem

I have the cateye mobile app on my android.  used to be able to upload to strava but it stopped working.  gives me a code to connect to cateyesync on the phone, but no drop down box or place to connect passed that screen.  called cateye and they suggested an uninstall and reinstall but no go.  still the same problem.  any one have any suggestions?



  • Hi Chet,

    Same problem to me...
    It makes me very upset to waiste my time to fix that kind of thing...
    If I see anything helpful, I'll give any feedback asap here...

    Just a Tip for now :

    At this time, I'm using my Heart Rate Monitor to transfer my trainings on Strava (which works way better than Cateye)  because of the close relationship between the market leaders (as Garmin, Polar) and Strava...
    (in fact, their IT support and developers have a common interest to work hand in hand...)

    Best Regards

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  • Hi Chet,

    I found something there...

    The link toward the Cateye Cycling page has moved...
    Our problem seems to be there. Strava is unable to connect (and access to Cateye).

    My point is : Cateye has to fix that issue (because it's a broken link on Cateye's website).

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  • Hi again,

    I tried again today and it works !
    It seems that Cateye finally fixed that issue...

    Best regards

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