Wrong time stamps in activity

Yesterday I went skiing from 17:04 to around 18:40, and of course recorded it with Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/2996309981. While the track on the map seems correct, the time stamps show I spent over two hours on the activity. I checked the (real) time at two intermediate points during the activity, they are around 20 and 30 minutes off. The end time is after I was home, I know because I listened to a news update in the car. I cannot find a specific hole, it seems the whole activity is stretched. I did look at the gpx files, the time stamps there are consistent with the data in the web interface.

I tracked using Strava on a Sony Xperia phone running Android.



  • Same here for days now. All segment times are stretched to sometimes double time.

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  • ok guys. Iam not alone. Supports no answer... Android. Sony XZ1 Xperia. From 23 December 2019 I have the same trouble: more time to workout after posting, but have a normal time and avg speed before stop. I did several test and see that app add from 10 to 15 minutes to workout with 1-2 hrs long so you have less avg speed and more CLEAN time and much more ALL time... wait for fix... pls write to SUP guys its not good ...

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  • I did a 7-hour run (50k) using strava android app on Samsung Galaxy S9. Start time was correct. End time was 2 hours too soon. Then, I checked later, and it was 2 hours too long. It adjusted my mile paces accordingly, too, first saying I was faster than I actually was and then saying I was slower than I actually was. I did a GPX export, opened it in a text editor, and the time stamps look correct. Looks like a Strava.com bug.

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