Strava app stops during workout on samsung galaxy active watch

I have a continuing problem with the strava app stopping working during a workout on samsung galaxy active watch

The sequence of events are:

1. I am outside, and ready for my workout.

2. Bring up strava app on my watch.

3. Wait for it to acquire the GPS position.

4. Press the 'walk' button.

5. The strava app starts recording.

6. I start walking.

7. During my walk I notice that the app is working fine except irritatingly, the heart rate does not seem to be working very well.  It just displays '--' for most of the time.

8. The app works for at least 30 minutes.

9. Sometime after 30 minutes, I notice that the strava app has stopped working, and I get some weird app with blue on it, with a single button saying 'start'. I wonder if this is samsung health app?

Does anyone know if there is a way to uninstall the samsung health app?

Please help?



  • Do yourself a favour and uninstall the Strava app. Samsung Health can sync to Strava automatically (once set up in the Samsung Health app) and sends heart rate and cadence data too. The Strava app is riddled with bugs.

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  • How do you set it up in the Samsung Health to synch with strava. Ta. Cant see it!

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  • Sorry, is doing it but strava not picking heart rate up from samsung

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  • Ben R. Does it show the GPS route as well? My app crashed just as I hit the pause button after a half marathon today and I'm LIVID. I wanted a Garmin...i should have just stuck to my guns. What a total piss off.

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