Dynamic heatmaps

It would be nice to be able to generate heatmaps for the year to date (or 6 months to date, two years to date, etc.) rather than just for each calendar year.

The current year heatmap is pretty pointless in the early months of the year, since there isn't enough data to make it interesting, but at the same time the previous year's heatmap is starting to go stale. Using a custom date range to get the last year to date means that any time you want to see an updated version you have to create a new heatmap (rather than just hitting 'update').



  • The whole heatmap feature needs an update. Other request are 

    - support for all sport types ( e.g. hiking and walking for exploration)

    - a heatmap for all activities combined

    - user selectable colors

    - maps for different bike types

    More users need to upvote each other’s post to show STRAVA it’s not just one person requesting a feature. I will not renew my summit until this is fixed.

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  • The heatmap fade out for less traveled sections is too fast, even on the light colored map you have to zoom in too far to see sections where only a few people have traveled.

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  • I also think that the heatmap is not updated in a while.

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