Add New Sub-Catagories for Runs

As of now, there are subcategories for race, workout, and long run. It'd be nice if that was expanded out a bit, including things like tempo, interval, steady state, race pace, etc. to help break it down a bit more.

The same would be good on cycling, I imagine. It could also but useful on things like weight training and circuit training, with subcategories like body-weight, HIIT, etc.



  • Agreed, would also like a tag which handles stationary/rest time similar to how it we be if tagged as a "race". E.g. on a track session when you rest between laps it gets cut from the graphs. I want to see a graph of heart rate over time, not just distance. Garmin Connect does it, but I prefer having all the functions in Strava

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  • Also agree. There are some widely used categories missing as suggested: especially Tempo; Intervals; Race pace. Also would like Hill Efforts; Warm up/down; Walk (I am not a Walker, but I do some walks as part of my Running programme as recovery and similar reasons. If I enter them as Walks, they don't appear in my Training Log/Runs (which BTW has just been moved to Subscriber Only).

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