Custom/Ad-Hoc Reports

Hi cyclists,

I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Winters are at least four months long where no outdoor training is feasible.

As a result, I do a fair amount of indoor training. Indoor training simplifies reporting because external stimuli (grade of hill, wind speed and direction, drafting, etc) are eliminated.

For a given ride, I would like to:
- Know the standard deviation of one or more metrics: Power, Speed, HR, and Cadence
- Perform linear regression on my metrics
- Review my "pacing" strategy, to know if I went out too fast in the beginning, or if I could have gone faster (maxing out my HR) toward the end

My workouts are generally a multiple of hours, IE/1, 2, or 3.
How can I view my power/average speed/HR by the hour?

I created a hypothesis that I could evaluate my fitness by examining my "Fitness Quotient", a term I coined.
The Fitness Quotient (FQ) is simply Speed / Heart Rate, or Wattage / Heart Rate.
The bigger the number, the more fit you are.
During a workout, FQ decreases;If you keep your speed or wattage relatively constant, your heart rate will increase, due to cardiac drift.
During a season of training, your FQ increases; You are able to do more work (measured by speed or wattage), at a given heart rate.
I have proven this, using analysis.
I would like to see my FQ over months of training.

As a software developer, very strong with SQL, I can use data analysis tools to answer these kinds of questions.
Unfortunately, I can't do this for other cyclists.

Strava is surfing a Tsunami of data that lends itself to epiphanies.

Why isn't Strava empowering it's user base to answer these kinds of questions?

Best regards,

Richard Rogers



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