Track total activity time for hiking

Currently when I track a hike it does not show the total time of the walk but movement time only, so if I am mountaineering (and going uphill steeply) then it doesn’t pick up the proper time. This means I have done 14km in 2 hours before for a hike! The data is collected properly as if I change it to a run and mark it as a race the correct total activity time is shown. It would be great for hikes to show the total activity time.


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    As of February 20, 2020, we will now show moving time and elapsed time, as well as pace based on elapsed time, on the mobile activity analysis screen for all activity types. We will continue to highlight moving-time-based pace in the main activity feed because we believe moving time is a more accurate measure of how long an athlete was active. 

    Athletes still have the ability to tag activities as races, which will show elapsed time instead of moving and use elapsed time for average pace and splits. 

    For more about moving time, speed, and pace calculations, see Moving Time, Speed, and Pace Calculations.

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