Every 7th day during training counts

Mileage, time spent, and elevation is absolutely some of the most essential components in training for any race distance and endurance sport. They are great tools to measure progression during a buildup. But sometimes we get caught up with how much we've done in days between Monday through Sunday or Sunday through Saturday sessions (depending on how you arrange your microcycles).

I propose that instead of focusing solely on Monday through Sunday, or Sunday through Saturday microcycles, that every day is calculated into a 7th training day. Everything that you've done for the last 7 days, counted on each subsequent day that number falls on, would be continuously calculated with the amount of time, elevation and the number of miles run, cycled, swam.

Through this approach, the training is quantitatively measured and analyzed to avoid too much overtraining that often leads to burnout and/ or injuries. Obviously the training would fluctuate, which should be normal given you have your easy/ recovery days, normal, and quality sessions that dictate the measurement. If this feature can be installed sometime in the near future, I believe that everyone will truly benefit from the additional info providing that sort of feedback. 



  • I always appreciated this on running2win. It was a nice way to summarize the existing load and avoid stacking too much density in a rolling 7 day period to make up a quota.

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  • Exactly! I was a running2win buff back in college and I appreciated the mileage leaderboards too which calculated in the rolling 7 day period. But analyzing the volume and density of the 7 day workload is conducive to sticking with the designed training program, and becoming more aware of what works and what doesn't for the individual during their buildup. It can definitely be a reliable resource on the kind of training they're capable of handling. 

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