KOM History (general) and Overview of Lost KOMs (individual)

Is there a way to see all KOMs I once had but somehow lost? I'm keeping manual track now but start to lose too many recently and would welcome a Strava feature that can summarize the ones I need to take back one day :-)

Also, it would be great to see how the KOM developed over time (owner and fastest time). This would for instance show some local battles over hot segments and their switch owners. Also, it will show when you improve on your own KOM times.

Strava is already great; these features would simply be the icing on the cake for me.

Thank you for considering,





  • i concur. this feature would be great for us committed segment chasers. when you have hundreds of KOM's it becomes hard to keep track of all the ones you've lost and need to reclaim!

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  • Third party

    Veloviewer website

    Works great

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