Low Population-Density Route Suggestions

Would it be possible for Strava to use data to generate running and cycling routes that avoid "hot" areas on heat maps or encourage athletes to exercise outdoors during times when population density is low? Athletes could opt into these low population-density routes to maximise social distancing and minimise the potential spread of disease.



  • Great idea.  In the area where I live the usual running routes have become overrun with not only runner but walkers as well as huge groups of others playing frisbee and doing pretty much any activity you can think of which creates very dangerous social density.  In an effort to social distance I've had to branch out into previously uncharted territory and actually had a very positive experience finding new routes that are virtually empty.  It would be great if the strava team could come up with a quick and dirty solution to share this information with people.  It would have to involve a partnership with individual super users from within the communities to cultivate the less dense routes.  Or maybe the solution would be to just categorize the traffic on your given route upon upload of the activity.  Strava could crunch this data and then somehow push out a density score based on real time information.  I think this information would be very valuble not only for the current Covid-19 situation but also once this is all over, this feature could be utilized in an effort to expand locally curated routing information.

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