Pre-set distance and notifications

Having recently trawled through several post's dating back to 2014, It seems that Strava is still yet to add a feature which would allow you to track a specific run/cycle distance. 

Don't get me wrong, I like Strava for map tracking, but I am currently trying to train for a specific distance (2.4km) and would absolutely love the option for strava to set a personalised goal distance. 

Before heading out on my run, I'd like the option to specify a goal distance and in turn, get notifications related to my progress through the run, i.e Half waypoint, 2km completed, 100m to go etc. 

Thankfully, Nike Run Club has this feature and therefore will be my go-to when undertaking this type of training. 

Strava! Get your head in the game. People keep making requests for this feature yet nothing of the sort has happened. You are missing out on a huge selling point that people are clearly wanting!




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