Missing Gear Options for Consumables

There are a lot of gear options, but Strava still does not have Bar Tape, Tire Sealant, or Wheel Bearing as a gear option.  Since these have limited life, it would be good to track how long they are lasting so the preventive maintenance can be conducted or some idea for how long different brands are lasting.  If they allowed an "Other Gear" option, that would work too, but they would have to allow more than one "Other" item be be added.



  • I have been suggesting this for a while. Would also want parts to be traceable so if I move a tire from one bike to another, I can move it with its use history, and ability to park a part and re use it later

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  • Completely agree and this is not limited to biking. Tracking your gear for other activities would be great too; different sets of skis, boots / while running; your poles, bag. 

    One way to have the data recorded is in tier levels or layers. The 2nd, 3rd or 4th layers would not be obligatory but optional.   

    Bike frame, running shoes, set of skis would be Tier 1. 

    Bike shoes/wheels, running poles/bags, ski boots, essentially smaller items that you would like to track would be Tier 2. 

    Bike services, ski tunings, or any other service related tracking would be Tier 3. 

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