Local Regional Map

When I load/log in to Strava, one of the first things to show on my feed would be a map of the broader local area, showing the (anonymous except for friends) recent activity routes (last 24hrs or so).  The map extent would encompass the full extent of any friends that had activities across the globe.  You would be able to select friends or people that would be included in the map.

A heatmap of the same activities every day would also be good, maybe make a hybrid map

This map would be available by a separate menu at anytime, not having to scroll back to the top of your feed.

Be able to quickly sketch in a future ride and notify friends, or at least a location (i.e. a start of ride location).  Be able to mark up other's maps with route/location markings if they approve/allow it.


Also, I can't help myself, this is the wrong post topic - but for photos on mobile - i can't zoom, and hold a zoom in on a photo.  that would be a nice update.



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