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I would love to see more statistics available on activities outside of runnning/biking/swimming. I am an avid backcountry skier, I also hike and kayak and I really want to be able to see my yearly/weekly stats (total distance, vert climbed, etc.) for these sports in the same way that you can see your yearly/weekly stats for biking/running/swimming.

I also think you should expand the available statistics for all activities. It could even be apart of the paid subscription, but it would be great to see some the stats expanded at least for the big three activities. Some examples would be:

1. Allow stats to be gathered for an adjustable date range. Right now there are some all time stats, some yearly stats, some monthly stats, some weekly stats, but it would be amazing to be able to pick your date range.

2. List of your fastest 1k/5k/10k/etc. efforts. For example, as a user, I get a trophy when I get a top 3 time on a 10k run, but I can't see what my fastest efforts are.

3. Fastest all time speed on any activity. Cool to see the fastest speeds you've gone on a bike, on skis, etc. 

4. Biggest ride/run/climb for an adjustable date range. The biggest ride and biggest biking climb of all time are given, but it would be nice to see these for a specified period of time and extended to all activities, including running/hiking/backcountry skiing/etc.

5. Average activity length, average vert per activity, and average overall speed for an adjustable date range for all activities.

6. Sub categories for mountain biking and road biking. Keep all of the overall biking stats, but then split it so you can see how far you mtn vs road ride. And then you can separate the speed, vert, distance stats for each of the two.

These are some suggestions, the stats on Strava could be extended endlessly, but either way, I think that they need to be expanded to be more inclusive to more activities and include more variety.

I would probably pay the Summit fee to get this add-on. Right now I am on my first month of it and I don't think I will renew the membership because I don't get enough extra out Summit.



  • This needs to happen. I use Strava for backcountry skiing and it's a huge downside I can't easily see statistics for my chosen activity. 

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  • Definitely, I'm a backcountry and nordic skier, and Rollerski most of the year in the UK, so being able to see splits and segments for the non-main sports (run/bike/swim) is key for me. It would be great to see the GAP for my tours and races to understand where I need to focus on.

    It's not difficult to extend the existing running template to the other sports, even if it's just the basic metrics to begin with! 

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