Phone and watch data

I use the Strava app on phone and also have a Versa 2 watch. I have linked my figbit and Strava accounts. If I use only the app to record ride I don't get heart rate data linked. If I record the ride on my phone and watch I get two entries in app. One from the watch and the one from the app. However only that saved from watch has heart rate data and the final issue is the watch does not correctly record the ride. In fact it seems to record only half it. Anyone have any idea how to resolve?


  • I am having very similar problems with my Apple Watch 2. When I use just the watch to record, I get spotty GPS tracking and the distance/times seem to be slow. When I use my phone, the times/distance seem more accurate, but I don't get heart rate data from the watch. I haven't found any solution on the community board or support posts.

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